Chapter 34

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Sabrina's POV

I woke up and slowly got out of Joel's grip. Today , we are spending the day at the beach. I walked into the bathroom and did my routine. I picked out one of my baiting suits and threw it on ( image above).

I walked out and Joel was all ready.

" Finally , now I can brush my teeth

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" Finally , now I can brush my teeth." He stated walking into the bathroom. 

" You were sleeping and I didn't even take that long." I said back.

We met up with the others for breakfast and headed for the beach.

Once we made it I took off my coverup exposing my figure. 

" Diablo." Erick stated

" Body goals !" Yocelyn said

" girl that's all you ." I said to her.

Joel stood there starring.

" I knew you were perfect but, not this perfect." He said giving me a kiss. I instantly blushed.

" enough with the romance and let's get in!" Erick yelled picking me up off my feet and over his shoulder. 

" Cubano put me down !! Guys , a little help help here?!" I yelled

" Nah your good." Joel and Christopher stated.

Next thing you know I was thrown into the water.

" it's cold but it feels so good." I heard Nicole say.

I gave Erick a death glare as he laughed. He on the other hand was completely dry. I sent him a smirk.

" eh look i didn't even mean to throw you in ." He said now getting scared.

" too late." I said and began to splash in his direction

" Sabby no esta fría !" He yelled

"Yea I know that's what you get." I laughed.

We spent most of the time fooling around in the water and taking pictures. We even got on jet skies. 

Erick and Christopher were building a sand castle. Of Course these two would. But, it all came to an end when Richard stepped on it only because he wasn't paying attention.

"Loco !" Erick yelled.

"All this hard work for nothing ." Christopher groaned. 

" look guys I'm sorry ." Richard said.

I laughed at the whole scene and their faces. 

"Where are Zabdiel and Joel ?" I asked realizing they weren't in the water no more.

" We brought food!" Exclaimed Zabdiel walking with Joel.

Well, that answers my question. Joel handed me  my food. He's the best boyfriend ever he knows my likes and dislikes. Besides from my parents and Erick.

" Bro you got sand all in my sandwich!" I heard Richard yell at Christopher.

I laughed shaking my head. I love estos locos. 

* night time*.

" Joelito I'm going to go real quick and get more towels." I said heading for the door.

"Okay."He shouted from the bathroom.

I started to walk and make my way to the room with the towels. They allow us to get as many as we'd like. As i was making my way someone grabbed my arm.

" hi beautiful." My ex said

"'Let me go." I said trying to get out of his hold. He only held me tighter.

" Why we can go and have some fun. Maybe by now your ready." He smirked

" your hurting me ." I said.

" No baby never." He said as he began to kiss me neck and down to my chest. The dress I was wearing showed cleavage. I began to move around once again trying to get out of his grip. He was so strong.

"Let me go !" I shouted at him.

" You heard her, let her go !" I looked up and saw Zabdiel.

My ex let me go and went up to Zabdiel.

" and who may you be ?" He asked Zabdiel.

" none of your damn business now get lost ." Zabdiel responded.

" pretty boy thinks he's tough." My ex said chuckling.

Zabdiel's fist collided with his jaw.

"Now leave her alone !" He spat and picked me up. At this point tears were rolling down my face. He took me into his and Erick's room.

Erick was just coming out the shower. He had a towel wrapped around him.

" what happened ?" He said rushing over to us. Zabdiel sat down so i was still on his lap. I cried some more. I'm scared of my ex.

" some guy was forcefully kissing her and holding her." Zabdiel said showing him my wrist.

"Are you okay Princesa." Erick said bending down in front of us.

" yea thanks to Zabdi." I said finally giving Zabdiel a nickname.

" thank you." I said smiling at him.

" anytime." He said looking at me straight in the eyes.

* door burst open*

" I was worried about you ! You were taking so long!" Walked in Joel with the rest behind him. Erick hid into the bathroom.

" weren't you suppose to be getting towels?" He asked taking me out of Zabdiel grip. He held my wrist. I winced at his touch. I was in pain.

" Bro relax you don't even know that some guy was literally about to rape your girl and I saved her ."Zabdiel said annoyed.

" Baby Im sorry." Joel said more calmly.

" don't ever let her walk out like that alone." Zabdiel
Said walking out.

The day Zabdiel De Jesus saved my life.

Aww Zabdiel sticking up for Sabrina. I think we need to hear from Zabdiel more often.

Who's POV next ??

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