Chapter 38

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Sabrina's POV

* At the boys house *

" Hola feos !" I exclaim as I walk in through the door. Yes, I have a key to their place. Which apparently is my place whenever I move in.

" ew look who it is ." Erick said making a disgust face.

I placed myself on his lap.

" shut up you love me tho ." I said pushing his shoulder.

" Blah blah ." He said rolling his eyes.

" he know he does." Zabdiel said out of nowhere.

" Anyone know where could my boyfriend be ?" I asked.

They all shook their heads no.

" he left early today and that's all I know." Christopher said.

" Why were you up early ?" Richard asked him

" I was hungry. I got something to eat and went back to bed." He said in a duh tone.

" We can be siblings,Always hungry ." I said to him.

" claro ." Christopher said.

Eventually all the boys left because they had plans. Well not all , Erick was still here.

" You know lately I feel like I don't even have a boyfriend anymore ." I sighed

" No don't say that. He likes you. Probably something with family came up ." Erick said.

Yea but , family everytime all of a sudden?

" I guess." I said shrugging.

" don't you guys share locations ?" Erick asked

"Yeaa."I responded

" So check dummy."He said laughing.

He's right. I went on my phone and couldn't believe the results.

" The location seems to be Emilia's house." I said.

" Well, He has some explaining to do ." Erick said. 

I tried to remain calm. Erick pulled me into his arms and we began to watch TV. 

* sometime later *

" Hola Mi Amor ." Joel said pulling me into a hug.

" Hey." I said coldly.

" What's wrong ?" He asked giving me a pouty face.

" Don't act like you don't know." I spat

" Baby what is going on ?" He asked

" You were at Emilia's house ?" I asked.

He chuckled

" Sabby I was doing my brother a favor. It so happened to be in her area." He said looking at me straight into the eyes.

Dammit , I have to stop assuming.

" Joel Im sorry. Things just have been off and I can't bare to loose you. I truly love you." I spoke.

"I love you too Sabby."

Joel's POV

Wow , I almost got caught.

What has gotten into Joel ? Do you think Sabrina will end up finding out ?

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