Chapter 45

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Sabrina's POV

This past month  I've spent most of my days with Erick.  Well , more like everyday. He doesn't leave my side. Ever since that night he confessed his feelings towards me we are more comfortable with each other ther. He pecks mu lips here and there. But , we aren't dating. Yesterday for the dare we just acted as if it was weird for us. When honestly its becoming normal especially for me. No , I'm not over Joel. I love him with all my heart. But , feelings for Erick are developing. Yesterday it felt weird seeing Joel yet, so good. I missed his beautiful face. It felt somewhat okay being around him.  I saw he's back with Emilia. I mean I saw it coming. He truly doesn't see she doesn't truly love him.Today we are all going to the beach except Emilia. Thank goodness it feels awkward with her there. I can't wait to spend more time with Yocelyn and Nicole. We all slept over the boys house because we figured it would be easier.

" Wake up !" Yocelyn and I giggled throwing a pillow at Nicole. Definitely Chris' girl.

She groaned in response. We next went to Richard.

We did the same to Richard and I ran out squealing. I bumped into someone.

" Woah relax ."

I look up and see Zabdi .

" ay Zabdiel I'm sorry it's just Richard is going to attack me ." I say as he laughs.

I then get a text

Muñeca it's glad to finally see you happy again. I love seeing that beautiful smile.

" everything okay ?" Zabdiel asked.

" yes." I smiled at him.

I'm glad he's getting more comfortable around me. I continued to the kitchen where the others meaning Christopher , Erick , Ana Joel we're setting up the cooler. Yes Joel and I have been in the same place yet we haven't spoken. We don't even make eye contact.  I don't really want to talk to him anyway.

" Buenos Dias." I said and hugged Erick.

" everything okay ?" He asked me this at the start of everyday.

" mhm" I replied.

* At the beach *

The girls and I decided to take some pictures. Meanwhile Joel , Richard , and Zabdi were in the water. Christopher and Erick were building a sandcastle. These little kids.  As it was my turn I then realized Erick stood next to Nicole with his phone as well.

Erick's POV

I took one of the pictures and decided to post it on my account.

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Erickbriancolon : the most beautifulest thing I've ever seen.

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I don't care what people have to say. I want her to be mine. I'm going to do it now.

" Sabrina can you please come here !" I shouted and she came.

" I'm sorry this isn't romantic or at a fancy dinner. But , I can't hold it in no more. Sabrina I really truly like you. Now I know your heart is still with Joel. But , I'll be patient on that end. But , I need to call you mine. So will you be my girlfriend ?" I asked

" Yes Cubano !" She squealed and kissed me.

" woah woah are you guys ?" Asked Christopher

" yes ." We said at the same time.

Zabdiel's POV

I don't know why I keep doing this to myself. At least i know she's in better arms. Meaning Erick won't hurt her.

Alright let me go to sleep. It's 2 in the morning over here. Premios juventud tonight. I can't wait to see the boys perform De Cero!!

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