Chapter 3

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Joel's POV

   Johann and I are currently on our way to Richard's house. His family decided to do a mini BBQ and of course we were all invited but , first we have to make a quick stop at the store. Richard asked if we could bring some more drinks and snacks. School has been going smoothly.  I'm enjoying being in college. It's a whole new atmosphere. Although I haven't really spoken to any girls besides Emilia. Oh before I forget since the first day of classes we have not spoken. She's always surrounded by her group of friends.  I guess she's kind of popular. Again , what makes me think a guy like me could be friends with a girl like her. 
   We soon made it to the store and we  both split up. I was in charge of snacks so I went to that asile. I was putting things in my basket when I felt something bump into me.

" oops I'm sorry" she said.  I could sense her smiling. I couldn't help but, smile back.

" it's cool I guess I kind of deserve it." I said.  She laughed.

" I guess that's just our thing ." Hold up wait a minute our thing ?

" I suppose so." She  said but quickly spoke again. " Do you think I can have your number ? I would really like to get to know you more Joel." She said with a very flirty expression plastered on her face.  Forget about all that she asked for my number ! Okay Joel keep it cool.

" Sure." I said pulling out my phone hading it to her meanwhile she gave me hers.

" Here you go. Don't be a stranger."She said.

" I won't." I replied back.

" bye Joel." She said walking away with her cart.

I looked down at my phone smiling. She saved her number as " Emilia💋". Wow , I might actually have a girlfriend. Well, a girl that's a friend.  I was brought out of my thoughts when Johann startled me.

" Woah my friend! Who was that ?" He asked all excitedly. 

" That was Emilia. She attends our university and I finally got her number ." I stated calmly.

" What do you mean finally ?"

" I met her at that party you guys dragged me to a month ago ."

" Tu vez Joel , los amigos son buenos."Johann said smiling proudly then walking to the cashier. I shook my head and followed him.

*At Richard's House*

I'm currently sitting in the backyard enjoying the BBQ. It is always calm vibes with the Camacho's. Suddenly I feel my phone go off. Strange because the only people that text me are here. My mom usually calls me. Who could it be ? I pulled out my phone and I couldn't believe my eyes. Did she really text me first ?

From Emilia💋: Hi Joel :)
To Emilia 💋: Wow you actually want to talk to me.
From Emilia💋 : of course silly , want to hang out tomorrow ?
Wait what?! This is all going so fast. Plus I've never really hung out with a girl before.
To Emilia 💋: sure what time should I get you ?
From Emilia 💋: eh um 2 ?
To Emilia 💋: Perfect.

I was startled when the guys all surrounded me.
" Con quien hablas tanto ?" Zabdiel asked.
" Con Emilia." Johann answered in a teasing tone.
" oh it's a girl , no wonder your so happy ." Erick said in his thick accent.
" That is what I'm talking about!" Exclaimed Richard giving Chris a high five.

" yup and I'll be hanging out with her tomorrow ." I answered proudly.

What are you guys thinking so far ? Are you curious for what's to come next ?

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