Chapter 19

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Joel's POV

I  am very excited. Winter break is two days away. Plus , today is Emilia and I 's one month anniversary. Our date is the 11th. I have a very special night planned. Especially since she'll be leaving for winter break. She's going to Argentina and won't be back for awhile.

Me : Are you excited for tonight ? Our first true special date ?
Emilia : Joel I'm so sorry my flight got moved to tonight.  That's why I won't be going to my class today.
Me : Hey , it's fine. I'll drop off your gift now and see you.
Emilia : I'm so sorry.

Well this is just great I said to myself sighing. I made my way to her house.

* Ding Dong*

" Hola Mi amor ." She said embracing me in a hug. It felt different but , didn't question it.
" Hey , here's your gift. I hope you like it ." I said smiling.
" and here's yours." She said giving me a box.

I pulled her in for a kiss before leaving to class. I was definitely sad that she was leaving.

* At class *

" Hey hey Joelito." Sabby said smiling at me.

" Hey." I said all down.

" What's wrong ?" She asked.

" Today is our anniversary and she turned it down because her flight got moved." I said. Sabby looked annoyed then her face got soft.

" It's okay Joelito. We will have so much fun this break. I'll be sleeping over. Plus , she'll be back before you know it ." She said placing her hand on my shoulder. She knows how to make me feel better.

" Thanks." I said

" No problem and oh the guys are coming over to my place for dinner.  So now you will be too." She smiled and I finally smiled back.

After class we went over to Sabrina's house. The boys will come later on. 

" Mom we're home!" She shouted.

" We're ? Oh hi Joel ." She smiled.

" Hey marissa." I said hugging her.

" Your mom will be joining us too." She said

" Great." I smiled.

" We'll be in my room ." Sabrina said and we went upstairs.

" Joel , I never showed you the message I got from an unknown number." She said tossing me her phone. I read it.

" Oooo someones crushing on you ." I teased.

" But , that's creepy." She said

" Well clearly the person has seen you or sees you often." I said and she sat next to me on her bed.

" Well , I'm not interested. My eyes are somewhere else." She whispered the last part but , I heard it anyway.

She yawned.

" Someones tired." I said.

" Very." She said yawning again.

" Let's take a nap." I said laying back and pulling her towards my chest. There's nothing wrong with this right? We are close friends.

* sometime later*

I woke up to the sound of people talking. I opened my eyes and at the door stood the boys smiling at us.

" Que lindos." Christopher teased.
Richard and Erick smirked. Zabdiel had a neutral expression.

I couldn't move because Sabby was still on my chest sleeping. 

" Hey , wake up ." I said shaking her lightly. She opened her eyes. Erick yells.

" HOLA AMIGA!"  She rolled off me and closed her eyes again.

" Cubano it's too early for your loud mouth." She groaned.  We all laughed at her.

" Are they awake ?" My mom then asked smiling at me. The boys nodded.

" Come on dinner is ready ."My mom said.

We were having a great conversation until my mom said

" Hijo I don't really like Emilia ."

There you go. She said it.  Do you think Emilia was telling the truth about her flight being changed?

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