Chapter 12

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Joel's POV

Emilia called me and Sabrina groaned.

" Why do you dislike her so much ?" I finally asked.

" Quite a long story."'i said. 

He let go of the guitar , took of his shoes , and got more comfortable on my bed.

" I have time ." He said.

" We've gone to school together since forever. We were best friends.  She was honestly like my sister. We considered eachother family."

" go on." I said

" We even decided to go the same high school. There is where it all began. Emilia has always been pretty. Since the 6th grade the boys would be crushing on her. So when we went to high school she got more friends. So did I.
But , her friends were the bad kind and the popular crowd. She began to change and be like them. She started to distance herself. She became rude and mean like them. Instead of being my friend she became a bully. I used to have a gap in my teeth and she would make fun of it. Till senior year I got rid of it. Anyway , through high school or friendship faded and it grew into dislike. She made high school terrible for me." She said ending her story.

"Wow , Emilia is like the sweetest girl ever ." I said in shock.

" Yea Okay." She said rolling her eyes.

" Is it true what they say about her ?" I asked.

" That she sleeps with almost every guy? Yup , she's been that way since high school."  She said.

But , I don't really care about what she's done before.

* hours later *
I left Sabrina's place few hours ago. It was great to hangout with her. She's truly and amazing girl. Of course she's just a friend. You know who my eyes are on. 

" Y la novia ?" Erick asked.

" She's not my girlfriend ." I said.

" Yea bro remember she a whole thot." Richard stated.

" Guys shhh Christopher can be down here at any moment." I said hushing them.

Right on cue he came down crying. 

" What's wrong ?" Zabdiel asked.

He sat down and cried some more. Omg , was it Emilia. 

" Emilia ended it all" he spoke.

The guilt took over me because I knew all a long.

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