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unknown [zabdiel] by stripzabdiel
unknown [zabdiel]by ‏ً
ENG - ZABDIEL DE JESÚS Jade Thirlwall doesn't know how to use social media nor how to start a groupchat on iMessage. Imagine what would happen when she creates a groupc...
T̶O̶X̶I̶C̶A̶ ( Zabdiel De Jesus)  by cncoXjb
T̶O̶X̶I̶C̶A̶ ( Zabdiel De Jesus) by Bebecita
" tu eres adictiva pero tóxica ... no sé cómo me enamoré."
S.O.S Vélez en apuros. by gloriamturrubiates
S.O.S Vélez en Gʟᴏ🍃.
7:15  [Christopher Vélez y tu] by chris_sonrisas
7:15 [Christopher Vélez y tu]by Chris
Liv y Christopher vienen de mundos diferentes, pero se reúnen cada mañana a las misma hora 7:15. ✨Adaptadacion✨ • La historia es ADAPTADA, todos los créditos son para l...
The Wife by boujee_15
The Wifeby 🧍🏽‍♀️I’m just here
She is a beutiful and amazing and bright women.They are the perfect family in the public's eyes.Her husband who is a famous C.E.O and her a famous fashion designer and h...
 ࿐ྂDe Cero ࿐ྂ CNCO Fanfic  by duhitsray
࿐ྂDe Cero ࿐ྂ CNCO Fanfic by R A Y
» [De Cero- CNCO] « 0:56 ─〇───── 3:40 ⠀ ⠀⇄ ◃◃ ⅠⅠ ▹▹ ↻ Let's start from scratch
A Million Miles || Christopher Velez by CaseyAndrina
A Million Miles || Christopher Casey Andrina
A million miles - is what it all takes. She would do it to earn some little money; he would do it to chase his dreams to be on stage. She does it for her family; and, he...
CNCO Pregnancy Series  by xmoonlight_dahyunx
CNCO Pregnancy Series by Helly 💖
Pregnancy series about CNCO. I have three previous pregnancy series books about Why Don't We, BTS and PRETTYMUCH. This is my fourth one. Lots more to come Check those ou...
ONLY YOU #2 (Saga STARVING)|Christopher Vélez.(Completa) by gloriamturrubiates
ONLY YOU #2 (Saga STARVING)| Gʟᴏ🍃.
El amor se compone de una sola alma que habita en dos cuerpos.-Aristóteles. SAGA STARVING.- Libro uno: STARVING. Libro dos: ONLY YOU. Libro tres: ALWAYS YOURS. Libro cua...
His Maid ( Richard Camacho) by cncoXjb
His Maid ( Richard Camacho)by Bebecita
Can a maid become much more ?
CNCO IMAGINES by nomesueltesjoel
CNCO IMAGINESby nomesueltesjoel
Basically, just CNCO imagines ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ sorry in advance for the typos highest rankings #1 in labanda #47 in CNCO #19 in richardcamacho #19 in erickbriancolon
Texting Him [ Erick Brian Colón ] by TINA_CNCO
Texting Him [ Erick Brian Colón ]by TINA_CNCO
Imagine if you were texting your idol....😱🇨🇺
toxic || Joel Pimentel by nomesueltesjoel
toxic || Joel Pimentelby nomesueltesjoel
Toxic. The only way to describe the relationship between the two. Highest Rankings #1 in Joelpimentel ;) #1 in richardcamacho #1 in cnco
Un Paso Adelante (CNCO, Zabdiel y tú) - 2da TEMPORADA by KeylaCNCO97
Un Paso Adelante (CNCO, Zabdiel KeylaCNCO97
Todo se derrumbo, es el fin, sus caminos y el mio se separaron por completo, o al menos eso pensé en un principio. Perdí a mis mejores amigos, mis hermanos y sobretodo a...
CNCO Imagines by volverte-a-ver
CNCO Imaginesby volverte-a-ver
Oneshots and imagines about the band CNCO Imagines are angst, fluff, smut or a mix of them all All imagines can also be found on my tumblr @estoy-enamorado-de-ti
𝚐𝚑𝚘𝚜𝚝𝚒𝚗 ( 𝙴.𝙱.𝙲  & 𝙹.𝙿)  by cncoXjb
𝚐𝚑𝚘𝚜𝚝𝚒𝚗 ( 𝙴.𝙱.𝙲 & 𝙹.𝙿 Bebecita
I know that it breaks your heart when I cry again over him , instead of ghostin him.
CNCOwners Fantasies  by Imagines227
CNCOwners Fantasies by Imagines227
CNCO imagines. Some with a lot of smut , other with only pure fluff. Depending on the mood.😜😏
Lo Que Me Hiciste - Joerick [✔] by addictedtoherron
Lo Que Me Hiciste - Joerick [✔]by 𝐤 𝐚 𝐫 𝐥 𝐚
donde joel embaraza a erick. Empecé: 30/9/17 Terminé: 17/5/18
The purgue [Christopher Vélez y tu] by chris_sonrisas
The purgue [Christopher Vélez y tu]by Chris
"Al sonar la sirena, todos los crímenes, incluido el asesinato, serán legales por doce horas. Los servicios de emergencias no estarán disponibles hasta que se acabe...