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A Crush In November by LoveErickBrian
A Crush In Novemberby LoveErickBrian
A Crush In November is about a girl named Rose. She is chubby and has a best friend named Ruby. Ruby is popular. Rose doesn't know Erick and neither does Erick. Until a...
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Unexpected Stupid Feelings(Erick Brian Colon/CNCO) [✔️] by mistiquecherry
Unexpected Stupid Feelings(Erick Aguacate
She was led on and only used by the guy she fell for, his words seemed honest and true, yet they turned out quite the opposite. They say we usually learn from our mistak...
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Tan facil (Erick Brian colon) by i_ampaolaaa
Tan facil (Erick Brian colon)by Paola
My name is Venus Camacho sister of Richard and Yashua Camacho who audition to la banda
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My Brother's Best Friend. (CNCO) by Piercetheliizy_cx
My Brother's Best Friend. (CNCO)by Piercetheliizy_cx
An average teenager girl, that refused to fall in love since she has bad luck finding a true love. One day she got home and her brother had invited his best friend over...
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Wattpad || Sebastian Rivera by AddictingSoelhandri
Wattpad || Sebastian Riveraby Anahi and Valeria
@sebakarlo voted for your story Chapter 1.
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DEVUÉLVEME MI CORAZÓN(Joel Pimentel/CNCO) by mistiquecherry
"Goodbye . Tonight was truly magical, and it'll forever stay in my heart, But I have to go!" I tell him. "Will I ever see you again?! Please come back! C...
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La Banda Imagines *DISCONTINUED* by analunaaa
La Banda Imagines *DISCONTINUED*by keke
La Banda Season One 2K15 So as you can tell this will be a book full of Imagines from the boys. If you want an imagine you just have to do the following: -DM with a r...
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La Banda imagines by kingzabdi
La Banda imaginesby 🌹
La banda imagines Open for requests •Which boy • occasion • ur name • small description of you (like how u look like or what do u like & what u don't like) I'll prob...
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Una Noche (A Christopher Velez love story/CNCO/La Banda) by vivacamila
Una Noche (A Christopher Velez Ailen Camila
Lulu is studying at UCLA to become a registered nurse. While she's burying her head into the books, she realizes that university life shouldn't be all about school and g...
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Unexpected • Erick Brian Colón by xlabandaax
Unexpected • Erick Brian Colónby claraaa🍉
When two teenage siblings move from Puerto Rico to Miami, they're forced to make new friends all over again and these days it's not the easiest to do. No one really ackn...
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Forbidden love(Erick Brian colon) by i_ampaolaaa
Forbidden love(Erick Brian colon)by Paola
my name is aimee Camacho and I'm a B-Girl my family is Dominican I live with my aunt clara in New York.
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Sera Tan Facil by cncomusiiic_
Sera Tan Facilby cnco
"Ali you're a risk I'm willing to take."
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CNCO/La Banda Imagines by cncoftlabandaboys
CNCO/La Banda Imaginesby cncoftlabandaboys
Request are open to everyone
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Unexpected (Zabdiel de Jesus fanfic) by recklesszabdiel
Unexpected (Zabdiel de Jesus babygirl
Daniella never knew what the meaning of love was. She didn't know what true love meant. Once the unexpected happened, it changed everything.
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Collide J.P #CNCO by callistoismore
Collide J.P #CNCOby callistoismore
They meet in a coffee shop She later realizes he is 1/5 of cnco the new band from univison la banda And well........JUST READ!! {original so don't steal} *this is my...
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Better Together (Joel Pimentel) by PrimeKealy
Better Together (Joel Pimentel)by K.J
Johana and Joel both have history together. They have to go through very difficult situations so they can be together. But can they both deal with the last one? Can Joha...
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An Unplanned Love// Erick Brain Colon Fanfic by GisellThompson
An Unplanned Love// Erick Brain GisellThompson
Erick a very famous singer who meets Michelle a normal girl. Will they make a deal to make each others dreams come true? Or Will they fall right in love with each other...
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Background Dancers by labanda_2k15
Background Dancersby labanda_2k15
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Tan Fácil by AcidsInWonderland
Tan Fácilby Robyn
One shots and whatnots.
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CNCO Imagines by vivacamila
CNCO Imaginesby Ailen Camila
CNCO/La Banda Imagines!!! One-shots of your favorite member of La Banda! Which member will send you flowers? Which member will be your first kiss? What's the story of yo...
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