Chapter 33

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Joel's POV
A month and a half later.

I hate keeping secrets from Sabrina because we are so close to each other. But, she can't find out that Emilia and I text. We don't hangout in person but , we started off fresh and we text as friends obviously. I'm with Sabrina and I like her.

Joel , your just trying to get over Emilia face it.

No no , shut up! I like Sabrina and I will never hurt her.

We are now on spring break. We are heading to the Dominican Republic. We are in the Airport waiting until they announce our flight.

By the way Christopher is bringing that Nicole girl we once met. Meanwhile Richard is bringing Yocelyn who he's known for a while. He claims he doesn't have a thing for her. Yea , the liesss. Sabrina and the girls get along pretty well. This will be a great trip.

" Babe look." Sabrina said showing me her phone. Since we've been dating she hasn't gotten an unknown message till now.

Se que tiene dueño. Pero todavía te quiero. ( I know you have an owner but , I still like you.)

Ugh , who is he? No one is taking my girl away.

* hours later *

We are currently getting ready to head out for dinner.  Once we made it out something caught Sabrina's eye. She grasped onto my arm tightly. She seemed so scared and worried.

" Baby , what's wrong are you okay ?" I asked looking in her direction. She was looking at some guy. 

" Joel , there's something I need to tell you but, not here." She spoke softly.

" okay ." I said putting my hand around her waist.

What is she talking about ?

We made it to dinner and we all spoke amongst ourselves. My main focus was on Sabrina because she seemed so out of it.

" bro is she okay ?" Erick asked me

" I hope so.  She saw someone and she said she had to tell me something later." I said.

He nodded and tried cheering her up. 

* before bed *
Sabrina and I were cuddling in our room.

" Can you tell me what happened earlier ?" I asked. 

" He was my ex.  I truly did like him. He wanted me to have sex with him. But , I would say no. He then hit me ." She said trying to hold on her tears.

I held her tightly.

Sabrina Marie Gutierrez I won't hurt you.

I'm back☺️.  What do you think ?

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