Chapter 55

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I really love Zabdiel's hair like this ^

Zabdiel's POV

Hola ! I know I don't talk a lot but ,I think the time has come.

It is currently the afternoon and most of us are going for a swim in the lake. It's an official camp sight. Therefore the lake is safe. I sat down on a rock while the rest went in. I watched everyone enjoy themselves and have fun. I know don't say aw Zabdiel. I'm doing fine. I'll wait for the next perfect girl. The first one has a boyfriend and they are currently having fun. It's always either Erick or Joel. Sometimes they don't even know how to treat a girl. Erick better not hurt her. I guess I was too busy looking at her I didn't hear Joel nor feel his and Emilia's presence next to me.

" Zabdiel Zabdiel ." Emilia said waving her hand in front of me. Meanwhile Joel was trying to figure out what I was looking at.

" you like her don't you ?" He asked.

Joel is so smart.

" like who?" I asked playing dumb.

" Sabrina who else." He said

" it took you long enough to notice." I sighed

" does she or Erick know ?" Emilia asked and I shook my head no.

" I won't tell them either." I added.

"She's a really nice and beautiful girl ."
Emilia said smiling in her direction.

Sabrina then looked our way.

" are you guys getting in or what?" She asked

" coming." Emilia said.

" let's go ." Joel said patting my shoulder.

* Night Time*

Mostly everyone was asleep I got out of my tent to get some fresh air and think. How can you have such strong feelings for someone? Can they please disappear ? I was brought out of my thoughts by Sabrina.

" Zabdiel are you okay ?" She asked with a worried look on her face.

I guess my face was showing an expression while I was thinking.

" why do you even care." I spat.

No no Zabdiel what are you doing ?

" Zabdiel your my friend ." She said touching my shoulder.

" No , just stop." I said backing away from her.

Ugh , that word.

"Zabdiel please talk to me . What's wrong?" She asked.

" You don't see it do you ? I hate that I'm your friend ." I said

Her face soften " okay I'll never speak to you again." She said her eyes now shiny indicating she was about to cry.

" No Sabrina I didn't mean it like that I ." I said and paused

" you what Zabdiel ." She said

Just tell her man

" I'm in love with you . I truly like you ." I said letting it out.

She froze in her spot.

" Yes Im the one behind the messages. I would write them and have them send randomly automatically." I confessed

She still didn't say anything.

" I'm going to sleep , goodnight." I said and left her standing there.

Did I make the wrong decision in telling her ?

I know what you all are going to say FINALLY. 1 because I updated and 2 because of Zabdiel. His secret is fully out.  What do you think will happen next ?

Also I know soon most of you will start asking when I will update De Cero.  The answer is it's coming soon. Maybe when I'm further ahead with this one. I want to make sure De Cero is good enough and I give it full attention. But, who knows I may give a surprise so be aware. But , that is my answer.

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