Chapter 63

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Erick's POV
4 months later

" morning." I said  walking into Sabrina's room with a tray full of breakfast.

" yum ." She said staring at the tray.

" I made you a little bit of everything since your cravings have been all over." I smiled as she ate.

She hasn't fully forgiven me but , I'm proving to her what I said to her. The day she gave away the news. Today is our gender reveal and I'm excited. Emilia and Joel are planning it. We decided on doing it at Emilia's house. She was extremely happy to do so. Those are the plans for tonight. Our families are all going. Sabby is truly hoping her dad shows up. It is his grandchild after all.

* hour later *

" are you ready ?" I called out to her.

" yup ." She said and appeared.

" the cutest pregnant woman ever." I said

" thank you Erick." She said.

Soon enough we made it to Emilia's house and everyone greeted us. I was overly joyed right now. I looked around and saw Sabrina was hugging her dad and he was smiling. I smiled at the sight. I knew he would come around.

" guys come look at the decorations." Emilia  Called out to us.

" wow" Sabrina and I said at the same time.

" it's beautiful ." She squealed hugging Emilia and Joel.  

Joel's POV

Everyone is so happy and excited today. I've kept my mouth shut the whole time so I won't say the gender. Sabrina looks so cute with her belly. Emilia and I have hung out so much together but , we still aren't together it's just complicated at this point. Anyway no one has asked for paid attention to how I feel about this whole pregnancy. Honestly , I'm happy I'll be in the baby's life. But , deeply if you think about it. It could've been my kid.

Erick's POV

" are you ready ?" I asked Sabby and she nodded.

3... 2...1

I kicked the ball and blue came out.


I ran to Sabrina and picked her up and she crashed her lips on to mine.

" oh so you forgive me ?" I smirked

" I did a long time ago." She smiled.

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