Chapter 52

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Erick's POV

Finally I get to go out on a real date with my princesa. I told her to pack clothing because I have plans.  We'll leave early tomorrow and go on a mini road trip. To mini resort that's located here in Florida. I just left the house to buy a few things I may need. * smirks *

Next Morning

* ding dong*

" Erick the door." Sabrina groaned finally waking up.

" There are others in this house you know and wake up.  We have a lot ahead of us." I said smiling. She made her way to the bathroom.

I went downstairs and saw Emilia.

" Hi Erick." She said

"Hola, Who opened the door for you ?" I asked. 

" I did I'm going for a run ." Zabdiel responded.

" Bueno let me go back to sleep." Emilia said clearly heading to Joel's room.

" y tu why you up so early?" Zabdiel asked

" babeee can you help me." Sabrina whined.

We looked in here direction and saw her struggling with both our duffles.

" oh I see."Zabdiel said sort of disappointed

" Goodmorning Zabdi ." Sabrina said and hugged him.

He quickly wrapped his arms around her.  Hmmm.  Erick she does this with all the guys in the morning.

" Bueno me voy." Zabdiel said and left.

" Us too, we got to go ." I said to Sabrina.

* in the car*

" So you want to tell me where we're going ?" She asked.

" it took you long enough to ask and nope just wait and see princesa." I said. I saw her huff in annoyance and close her eyes.

" Babe this is beautiful wow ." Sabrina said observing our room and the little resort.

" All for us." I said and she hugged me.

" can we grab some food ? I'm hungry ." She said and I chuckled.

" yes let's go ." I said taking her hand in mine.

* that night *

" Sabby estas bien ? Your taking forever ." I said and then the bathroom door opened. She came out in a bikini.

" Let's go inside the pool. Late night swim."
She said but, i was too distracted. She looked too good. I don't think I can control myself.

" Y- Yea sure let me change." I stuttered and I saw her smirk.

Once I was ready we hopped into the pool. Honestly I was more in the mood for something else. She swam towards me and wrapped her arms around me. To keep her supported I placed my hands under her thighs. Her eyes then widen. She felt my friend getting to excited. She bit her lip and it drove me insane. I couldn't take it I carried her out of the pool and into our room. I laid her on the bed and attacked her neck. I wanted her now. I untied the back of her bikini top. I placed kisses down to her stomach. I stopped at the top of her bottoms. She nodded quickly and with my teeth I removed them.  My tongue then did it's magic. 

"E-Erick don't tease." She moaned.

She's right. My swim trunks came off and I pulled out some protection. Her eyes widen.

" que pasa princesa?" I asked.

" your hugeee." She said and I blushed.

" but you can take it ." I said and with no warning I slammed myself inside of her. She instantly moaned with pleasure.

" Faster faster ." She moaned in my ear and that drove me insane. I did as she asked.

" Babe I'm about to ." She said

" me too." I said and we came at the same time.

" wow." Was all she said.

I smirked  " the best I've ever had ."

"Te quiero Cubano ." She said kissing me once more.

Well , they sure got into business. When I write chapters like this do you guys want more details or this is fine ?  I don't want anyone uncomfortable. Let me know.

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