Chapter 27

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Joel's POV
Feb 28.

" Happy Birthday Joelito!!" Sabrina Shouted and hugged me.

I chuckled " Thank you."

The guys then attacked me. They all wanted to throw a party but , I told them I didn't want one. Plus, I'm spending my day with my girlfriend.

" Okay but, like can we at least get lunch together?" Sabrina asked.

" sure ." I said and everyone cheered.

We all got ready and headed out. I drove my own car because I wouldn't be coming back with them.

We went to some diner which served breakfast and lunch. We all couldn't decide what we wanted to eat.

Since Sabby and I have been talking we've been getting closer again. We caught up. Nothing has changed between her and Erick. They are your bestie goals. Everyone's engaged in their own conversations. 

" So tell me more about this guy you like ." I said to her.

" He has nice lips, this amazing smile , and these beautiful brown eyes." She said smiling.

Wait , Brown eyes ? So it's not Erick ?

" Have I seen him?" I asked now very curious.

" oh yes , you've seen him well." She said and then our food came.

Emilia's POV

I'm currently getting ready because in awhile Joel should be here. Today is his birthday and I have little things planned.

* ding dong*
Hm , he came earlier than expected. I opened the door but , it wasn't Joel. It was Juan.

" Hi beautiful ." He smiled.

" Juan no not now. Joel will be coming." I said.
He came in and closed the door.

" Babe we can have some fun." He whispered which sent shivered down my spine. I wasted no time and crashed my lips on to his.  He lifted me up and headed for the stairs.

First my shirt came off and then my pants.

" Your body never fails to amaze me."
He said looking at it. He left kisses from my neck down.While doing that he removed my undergarments. 

" Juan stop being such a tease just go already ." I said.

He smirked and in he went. I laid my head back in pleasure.

" Ju-Juan fasterr." A moan escaped my lips.

It all came to a stop when I heard. 

" I knew you wouldn't change."

Looks like someone's been caught. Poor Joel on his own birthday. 

What do you think will happen next.

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