Chapter 44

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Joel's POV

1 month later

Sabrina and I still haven't spoken since what happened. Well that's only because I still haven't seen her. Emilia and I have gone on many dates. I guess you can say we're back on. Let me be honest with you guys. I truly love Emilia. I guess you can say Sabrina was a distraction and it was wrong because I hurt her. I know and I wish I can say sorry. But , throughout all this i feel something towards her and I don't know what it is.

" Yo guys we should have a game night." Christopher said

" I'm down." Richard and Zabdiel said

" me too ." I said agreeing.

" I'm going to invite Yocelyn." Richard added

Therefore Christopher would invite Nicole. I guess it doesn't hurt if I invite Emilia.

" y Erick ?" Zabdiel asked

" nobody knows what he be up to these days ." Christopher said.

It's true we just see him in and quickly out.

" I'm going to go out and get some snacks and pick up Emilia ." I said honestly to the boys.

They all nodded. Wow , no fuss or arguing.

* in the car*

* on the phone with Emilia speaker*

" Hola mi amor !" Emilia said all happy.

" I'll be at your place in 25 ." I said

" where are we going ?" She asked. I know she likes to dress right for the ocasión.

" Game might at my house tonight ." I answered.

" okay see you soon my love ." She said and hung up.

I made it to the supermarket and bought all the snacks possible. I bought extra because we all know how Christopher can be. Anyway , I picked up Emilia.

" someone looks comfy

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" someone looks comfy ." I said pecking her lips.

" Si solo vamos estar en casa ." She replied

As I was driving she asked " will she be there?"

" I don't think so." I answered.

It was the truth she hasn't really been around. Well no, she's hung out with the guys just hasn't stepped foot into our house.

* Back At home*

" We're here!" I shout as Emilia and I walk into the house with the bags.

"Aye." Richard cheered.

Emilia went in and greeted everyone. She sat with the girls of course. They began to make small talk. Most likely about us. Zabdiel was the only one without a partner but, he said he didn't mind. That was the least of his worries.

After sometime we decided to order pizza. We were all currently watching a movie while we waited. After , we eat the games will begin. We then heard the door opening.

" The pizza guy has keys?" Yocelyn asked.

" Damn ya order pizza often." Nicole added.

We then heard fits of laughter. I heard that laugh that I hadn't heard in a month. Well honestly more than that.

" I don't think that's the pizza guy ." Christopher said.

In walked in Sabrina and Erick hand in hand laughing about who knows what. They were laughing so hard they didn't notice us all staring.Once they calmed down they froze when they saw us all there. She didn't dare to look at me.  She smiled and yocelyn and Nicole they were all super close. Most likely still are.

I couldn't help but notice she was wearing Erick's shirt

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I couldn't help but notice she was wearing Erick's shirt. Best friend goals I guess. Am I staring ? Yes I am. I haven't seen her since.

" Sorry guys didn't mean to interrupt ." She spoke.

" nena please come here." Yocelyn said attacking her in a hug. Nicole did the same.

Emilia shifted next to me. I held her hand letting her know everything is fine.

" we'll be upstairs ." Erick said.

Upstairs ?!!

" oh please join us ." Richard said.

I mean how bad can it be.

* after eating *

" TRUTH OR DARE" Christopher yelled.

We all sat in a circle. We the bottle span. It landed on Zabdiel and I.

"Truth or dare ?"  I asked

"'truth ."

" do you like anyone ?" I asked.

" yes I do ." He said confidently. We all cheered.

After that we span the bottle couple of more times. Truths were being spilled and silly dares. It then landed on Yocelyn and Erick.

" Truth or dare?" She asked

" Dare." Erick said clapping.

" okay make out with Sabrina ... in front of us." She spoke.

" WHAT?!" Erick , Sabby , and I yelled at the same time.

Emilia looked at me. Ugh Joel , why do you care ?

" a dare is a dare." Yocelyn said smirking.

" let's get this over with ." Sabrina said.

We all watched intrigued by what was happening.  He slowly leaned in. Their lips connected and it was gentle. Eventually she began to kiss back. In this moment I realized something.

I had some feelings for her but , not only that.

Erick liked her more than just friends.

Joel finally opens his eyes. Yocelyn is truly something else. It's like she knew. Anyway do you think Sabrina and Joel will ever face each other and speak ?I truly feel bad for Zabdiel but , I love Sabrina and Erick and they aren't even dating yet. We shall see what happens.

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