Chapter 11

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Joel's POV
I know she said it days ago but , her words stay in my head. " I want to change."

Sabrina's POV

I woke up the next morning. I instantly showered and got dressed because Joel would be coming over.  We had a project to work on. I still can't believe I went to that party last night. Yes, I went because of Joel. But , I should've known he would leave me alone because of Emilia. There was no point in me going. I mean I spoke to his friends and that's about it. I left afterwards. When I'm in the mood I party if not then I'm out. My phone made a sound indicating I got a text.

Joel☺️ : I should be there in about an hour.
Me : okay , that's fine :).

This is his first time coming over and his first time meeting my mom. This shall be a sight.

* an hour later*

* Ding Dong*
Omg he's here , Sabrina get yourself together. " I got it mom!" I shouted and sprinted to the door before she could get it. I opened the door and there he was. I swear he gets better looking everyday.

" Hey." He said flashing that beautiful smile and embracing me in a hug. I inhale his scent.

" Hi come in." I said after letting go.

" Is your mom home ?" He asked and right on cue she appeared into the living room.

" Hello , you must be Joel. It's so nice to finally meet you. Sabby has told me so much about you." She said giving him a hug.

" it's nice to meet you too Ms. Gutierrez." He responded.

" Please call me Marissa." She said smiling he nodded and smiled back at her.

" Well mom we'll be upstairs ." I said quickly while dragging Joel up the stairs before she can say more.

He chuckled as we made it into my room.
" you look just like your mom and cute room."

" Thanks and I know I'm here twin." I stated.

I grabbed my laptop , a guitar, and notebook. We take music composition. So we have to write a song and present it. Yay, so much fun.

" English or Spanish ?" He asked.

"Since it's out first song let's go with English ."
I said and he nodded. He started to play the guitar and words began to come out .

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful angel
Love your imperfections, every angle
Tomorrow comes and goes before you know
So I just had to let you know." He sang.

I stared at him in awe and in shock. Wow , his voice was beautiful too.

" how did that sound ?" He asked looking up at me.

" Joel that was great !! Your voice is beautiful!" I exclaimed.

He chuckled " thank you Now let's try to add some more to my part and then we'll go to yours."  I nodded.

" Okay start playing again ." I said.  He nodded and once again began to strum the guitar.

" The way that Gucci look on you, amazing
But nothing can compare to when you're naked
Now a Backwood and some Henny got you faded
Saying you're the one for me, I need to face it." I sang to see if he would like it.

He smiled " 1. You sing great yourself.  2. I love it."    We both seem to be really inspired.

*sometime later*

You really thought I was going to let you guys hear the entire thing. Your going to have to wait.

" Wow we wrote a pretty damn amazing song." Joel said happily.

" We make a great team !" I said.

* knock on the door*. " come in" I say.

" I brought some snacks." My mom says.

" Thank you Marissa." Joel says.

" You guys sounded beautiful ." She said

" Thanks mom." I said. She then walked out.

Joel sat there looking at me....
" your really beautiful."

I was about to reply went his phone went off. 

" Emilia💋"

I groaned out loud without meaning to he looked at me and declined.

" Why do you dislike her so much ?"

Why do think Sabrina doesn't like Emilia ?

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