Chapter 4

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Joel's POV
Ughhh, it's currently 12:30 and I'm still deciding on what to wear. Joel your just going to get to know the girl. It's just a normal hangout. My mind kept telling me. I have to listen to it. Let me stop being so complicated and start getting ready since I take my time. I don't want to be late.
Once I came out the shower I realized I had two text messages. Both from Emilia.

Emilia💋: I realized I never told you my address it's 204 Clifton ave , Miami Florida.
Emilia 💋 : see you at 2 ;).
Before you know it I was out the door and on my way to pick her up. By the way I chose the outfit above.

I arrived at her place. She lived in his huge mansion. Wow, she must be rich then. As I'm waiting for her to come out. I then realize , it was her party. That summer night I met her at her house party. Her boyfriend most likely was the one who sent out all those invites. Now it all makes sense. I was brought out of my thoughts when I heard a tap on the glass followed by a giggle. I quickly unlocked the car door for her. 

" wow you seemed to have been in deep thought." She said stepping in. 

" you have such an incredible house ." I responded. 

" Thank you. My parents are CEOs of these big fashion companies. So their always in and out ." She stated as I began the engine.

I nodded and then looked at her. She looked beautiful as always. Yet, she always dressed so revealing. It's not that necessary.

" you hungry?" I asked before she could catch me staring.

"Very." She groaned and her stomach growled.

I chuckled " okay then."

* at the diner *

She laughed " Joel your so adorable !" . I was telling her stories from when I was little. I found out much about her. She's from Argentina and moved over here when she was little. She wants to continue with fashion just like her parents and she's the only child. Now , for the question I've been wanting to know the answer to.

" Do you have a boyfriend ?." I asked and she laughed. Shoot , I don't want her to think I'm
Interested or am I.

" I asked because I always see you with this guy ." I said clearing things up.

" no it's fine , I'm actually single." She said. 
" how about you ?" 

" I'm single as well." I stated.  I saw a smirk form onto her lips. What could this girl be thinking. 

Do you think Emilia's intentions with Joel are good or bad ?

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