Chapter 25

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Joel's POV
Days later

Emilia is finally back from Argentina and I couldn't be happier. I've tried to get her to get along with the guys. But , it's always a huge fail. They have small talk but , they don't click as well. I know it's because of Christopher even though Christopher doesn't care. Two it's because of what they've heard about her. Lastly , it's because of Sabrina. They love her so much. Don't get me wrong she's my best friend but, Emilia is my girlfriend. In which im going to meet her in a few.

" donde vas ?" asked Zabdiel. Wow I almost forgot he spoke. Lately he's been so shy. It's a little odd.

" con Emilia ." I said.  The other boys began to tease. Sabrina didn't dare to look at me. We've barely spoken if we're being honest.Yet, she's been too busy with Erick. Well , that's because you barely pay attention to her anymore Joel.

" I'll catch you guys later ." I said walking out. I got in my car and off I went.

* while with Emilia*

"Joel we need to talk ." She said instantly making me nervous.

"You can tell me anything." I said while holding her hand as we walked. We decided to go to the park and walk around a bit after eating.

" it's about Sabrina ."  Oh , this is great.

" What about her ?" I asked.

" You know that we don't get along."she began to say and I nodded indicating that I'm listening.

" Joel I want you to stay away from her. I don't want her negative vibes on you." She said. Okay , what is going through her head right now.

" But, she's my friend." I said.

" I know , but just think about it ." She said stopping and looking at me.

" She's friends with my friends too. I just can't separate." I spoke still trying to process all of this.

" I'm your girlfriend." She said.

* Back at home *

I walked through the door and these fools were having a party amongst themselves.

" Y es que la calle bota fuego fuego ( Fire Fire) ... ardiente caliente." (If you know what song this is comment the name and artist)

They all sang at the top of they're lungs while jumping around.

I stood there and began to record them. This is what I miss everytime I'm gone.

" Joel how long have you been standing there ?" Zabdiel asked.

"Long enough." I said

" Join us." Christopher said.

" um , guys I should get going ." Sabrina said. Now, that I'm back she wants to leave.

" No stayyy." Erick pleaded.

" You basically live here. I don't see why don't you move in ." Richard said.

" Uh cuz no one gave me that option and I don't know what my parents will say." She responded.

" oh they love us they will say yes." Christopher said.

" I'll ask later. So I guess I'll stay longer ." She said. They all cheered.

" Joel are you okay with the Idea?" Erick asked.

No I'm supposed to stay away from her.

" yes sounds perfect." I smiled.

* the next day *

I was currently in the hallway of our school.

" Joel!" Sabrina called out to me.

I was currently heading to the class we have together. I looked to my right and saw Emilia watching me.

" Joel!" She called again I kept walking.

Sabrina's POV

I came to a stop. This can't be happening.

Well things just took a turn. What do you think will happen next?
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