Chapter 22

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Emilia's POV
* in Argentina*

After hanging up with Joel I smacked Ricardo.

" ouch , what was that for ?" He whined.

" for leaving this ." I said pointing to the hickey on my neck.

" Hey , I mark what's mine ." He smirked.

Ricardo is someone I used to like back when I lived in Argentina in case you were wondering. We've always kept in touch and my parents like him.

" but , really you knew I was going to make the call." I said

" Oops. I'm not the bad guy in this situation tho." He said.

He's right.

Joel's POV

Winter Break honestly hasn't been bad at all.  Sabrina was right. Well , she's the one who's making it fun. I know we are really close friends but , the more time we spend around each other. The more I get comfortable.  Not Sabby, she's comfortable around once she likes you if that makes sense. I mean look at her and Erick. They are basically a duo. Erick needs to give space. Joel relax she's not your girl. Still, she's my friend tho. Omg , what if the guy she has her eyes on is Erick. I really need to find out . I was brought out of my thoughts when I heard a loud scream downstairs. I ran downstairs.

" Everyone Okay ?" I said heading towards the kitchen.

" Erick cut his finger with the knife." Richard said.

" Well where is he ?" I asked confused.

" In the bathroom with Sabrina." Christopher stated.

I walked to the bathroom and there she was cleaning him up. She was being so gentle. Erick was looking down at her in awe. She placed a bandaid and gave it a kiss.  He chuckled.

" Ahem." I said.

" Oh Joel , Hey." She said

" everything okay ?" I said now looking at Erick.

" yup ." He said walking out.

" Hey Joel can we go to the mall. I need to finish up my shopping. That way you can help me pick stuff out for the boys." She said.

" yea sure ." I smiled.

* At the mall*

" So where should we go first ?" She asked

" Forever 21 they love it there." I chuckled

" then let's goooo!" She said marching into the store.

After she finally found something for each of them we decided to eat. So , we're currently sitting in the food court talking.

" So can you give me another hint on this boy you like ?" I asked.

Right when I said that her phone went off. She showed me the message. It was another from an unknown number.

As I continue to get to know you. I've realized you have such an amazing heart and with that you've won mine.

" wow he must really like you ." I said reading the message. Who could it possibly be.

" At least I know him ." She shrugged.

" So back to my question." I said

" I want him but , I can't have him." She spoke

"Why not ?" I asked.

" Nope that's it I've said to much wait till next time for another question." She said.

" I'm going to ask you one everyday."I said.

" Fine by me Joelito But, you'll never guess." She smirked.

I chuckled.

* back at home*

" Ooo what did you buy?" Erick asked trying to take a peek in the bag but , she moved it away.

" a bunch of lace panties." She smirked wiggling her eyebrows.

" Can I see you in them?" Richard asked. She grabbed the nearest pillow and threw it at him.

" Shut up!" She giggled.

" No en serio , what did you buy ?" Erick asked again.

" Gosh Erick , just wait till Christmas ." She said and he pouted.

She was heading for the stairs to put the bags in the room she's sleeping in.

" Hurry so we can decorate the tree." I shouted up the stairs.

" Christopher loco !!" Richard exclaimed I heard Sabrina and Erick fall into fits of laughter.

" What's so funny ?" I asked. But , when I turned around I began to laugh too.

Christopher has spilled glitter all over Richard.

" Wow a pretty unicorn ." Said Zabdiel trying not to laugh but , failed terribly.

That only made Erick and Sabrina laugh harder.

Wow , her laugh. I could get used to having her around like this all the time.

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