Chapter 61

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Joel's POV

" wake up ! Bro please wake up !"

I heard and opened my eyes. I saw a worried Erick. Not only worried but, you can tell he hasn't gotten any sleep and he's been crying.

" que pasa ?" I groaned.

By the way he explained to us what happened and we all yelled at him.

" Sabrina never came home last night ." He said and I sat up and grabbed my phone.

" I know where she may be." I said and called Emilia. I put her on speaker. 

" Joel do you see the time." Emilia groaned.

" si Erick woke me up too ." I said and Erick glared at me.

" Is Sabrina there ?!" Erick quickly asked

Emilia sighed " yes she's here. But , don't come and get her."

Erick sighed " at least she's safe."

After hanging up with Emilia ,Erick locked himself back in his room and I decided to head on over there.

" How's she doing ?" I asked Emilia.

" come see for yourself." She said and led me upstairs.

We made it to the room and there was Sabrina crying. She was crying her eyes out.

" hey , shh shh." I instantly wrapped my arms around her. I kissed her forehead.

Emilia watched us. I knew what she was thinking. But , she knows I care a lot for Sabrina and she needs us both here right now. I gave Emilia a look and she then got more relaxed. She came over and we had a group huge. Sabrina cried into our arms.

" I know this won't help but , Erick kicked the girl out. He stayed up all night waiting for your return. He's been crying non stop too." I said to her.

" still he cheated." She croaked.

She then stopped and made a weird facial expression.

" are you okay ?" Emilia asked

Sabrina pushed us both aside and ran to the toilet. She began to throw up.

" you don't think she's pregnant , right ?" I asked Emilia.

" I think so , she's been throwing up a lot lately . I know it's not because of the situation." Emilia stated.

Sabrina then walked out.

" Hey, how about you shower freshen up and get dressed so we can go somewhere." I said and slightly smiled.

" go where ?" She asked

"CVS or something ." Emilia said

" why ?" Sabrina asked with her eyebrows furrowed.

" we think you could be pregnant so let's go ." Emilia said

Sabrina gasped " you're right , I can be. Last time we did it was out of nowhere."

" well , we are going to find out ." I said.

* sometime later *

" guys I'm scared to see." Sabrina said.

" we're right here with you ." I said and Emilia grabbed her hand.

" okay." She breathed

" 3... 2 ... 1" I counted for her.

She flipped it over.

" what does it say ? What does it say ?" Emilia asked.

Sabrina gulped " Im pregnant."

Dun Dun dun ...  What do you think ? How will Erick react ? Will she even tell him ? What will Zabdiel think ?

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