Chapter 51

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Emilia's POV

Yo se I know. You guys are tired of hearing that I'm going to change. I'm for real this time. I truly love Joel and I need to prove it. I ended call connections with Juan. I'm putting those things and days behind. I'm going to prove it to everyone today you'll see.

Sabrina's POV

Erick and I were currently helping Joel with his exercise. He must keep himself and his leg active. It's part of the recovery. At least we are down to crutches. Soon he won't need them anymore.

" Joel walk over to me . I know you can do it."
He started but quickly needed assistance. Luckily Erick was right next to him.

" Thank you guys for everything really." Joel

" it's nothing man ." Erick replied.

" ya need alone time. Go on a real date ." Joel
Said looking at me.

" Who will stay with you?These locos are always in and out." I stated.

" I'll stay with him ?"

We all looked up. There stood Emilia. Okay how did she get in ? Joel looked up and smiled. He's always loved her. At this point it doesn't hurt as much because I'm really interested in Erick. Of course I really care for Joel.

" You sure ?" Erick asked weirdly. I smacked his arm.

She laughed " yes and Sabrina can I speak with you?" She asked me.

I looked at Erick and Joel. They both gave me the look as in to go.

" yea let's go to my room." I said.

" I don't know where to start." She sighed.

Okay , where is this going ?

" I know it's very very late. But, I'm sorry. My life you know how it's always been. Im sorry for everything I've done. Truly mean this. I want to start all over. Sabrina you were the only friend I've ever had ." She spoke.

Wow .

" I know you may not forgive me but, I want to start over with you. I also want to change for Joel. I'm trying my best." She spoke.

I just gave her a hug. She was my sister and always will be.

" We can start over but, let's keep this going on in front of the boys. Then surprise the whole group." I said

"Thank you." She hugged me tighter.

We walked back to the room.

Emilia got comfy and laid next to Joel. I missed my best friend I hope this is all not a lie.

"Princesa Pack clothing. " He kisses my cheek and took off.

Okay what is he up to ?

Is Emilia being for real this time ? Will Sabrina fully get over Joel ?

Also if you haven't done it yet go to my update titled Richard and pick a choice ❤️

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