Chapter 65

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Joel's POV

I'm so over it. I really am. One day we're good and one day we aren't. Why must our relationship be like this. Are her doubts in this relationship because we haven't had sex? I'm just not ready. Wow , I sound like a girl. How , will I give it to her when our love isn't even secure. I mean at the end of the day no matter what happens. I will still see her. She's Ezekiel's godmother and I'm The Godfather. Let's see where this all goes.

It's officially that time of the year Christmas. Ezekiel is 5 months old. Only 5 months old and so smart. I heard him start to cry.

" what are they doing to my godson?" I cooed and he instantly stopped crying.

" trying to get him into his Christmas outfit."
Sabrina huffed.

" let me do it ." I offered and she allowed me to do so.

" it's Christmas !" We heard Erick and Christopher cheer. I swear we have tree kids in the house.

* Hours later *

The family is all here. I wish Emilia would've came. I got her a gift and call. We were in the middle of playing a game when I got a text.

Joel I'm sorry. I truly am but, I'll be moving to NY with my parents for some time. I don't know when we'll be back. Ana will still be in our house tho. Sabrina already knows. Goodbye.

My heart sunk. I didn't care I got up and ran out the door....

" what do you mean your leaving ?"
I asked.

" Joel , I want to be like my parents. I soon want them to hand the company down to me." She spoke.

" but can't you still do that here?" I asked and she sighed and nodded.

" Then why ? Why are you leaving ?" I asked

" to be away from you ." She said tears coming down now.

" why me ?" I said my eyes getting watery.

" I love you but , we can never work out. I must move on and clear my heart."


" we're better off as friends but , at the same time just forgetting everything." She said

" when do you leave?" I asked

" tomorrow bright and early." She said.

" well I guess this is goodbye." I said and she nodded.

She pulled me into a tight hug.

" Te amo Joel Pimentel."

" y yo te amo mas Emilia Mernes."
I said and with that I left.
I made it back home and went straight to my room. Sabrina was already sitting on my bed.

" she'll be back sooner than you think. Don't worry." She smiled slightly and walked out.

I laid there and looked at pictures of us on my phone.

" ughh." I groaned.

The memory of the first day we met came back into my mind.


Let loose a bit. Maybe you'll meet your first girlfriend , your first love. There are plenty of pretty girls here."

" nope I'm fine right here."Without no warning he pushed me into a huge crowd.

" Richard no !" I shouted but , it was too late. Plus I had bumped into someone.

" Uh look I'm so sorry , my friend he's something else." I said to the girl who's back was facing me. She turned around and giggled.

" it's fine don't worry about it." She replied. But, in that moment I got lost into her beautiful eyes. They were so light and beautiful. She was wearing a tight black dress, some heels, and red lipstick. She had a red cup in her hand which most likely contained alcohol. She looked sexy but, not over the top if you know what I mean. She was beautiful to say the least.

" uh hello what's your name ?" She laughed. Dammit she must've caught me staring. Nice going Joel. She must think your a creep.

" I'm Joel ...Joel Pimentel." I spoke

" I mean since you said your full name I'll say mine. Emilia ... Emilia Mernes." She said mocking me.

End of Flashback

I threw my phone in frustration and sighed.

Emilia you won't forget me I know it. Si te verdad me amas demuéstrame and come back sooner.

The End

That's the end guys. I'm sad this story ended. I hope you like the ending. Wow , I've completed my second book( cnco based). Thank you for all the support and for being so interactive. It means a lot. Now don't be so sad. I'm thinking of A sequel for this book 🤪. Would you like that ?? I'll post any updates on here so keep this story close.

In the mean time enjoy my Richard story " Bad Boy."

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