Chapter 1

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Reminder : this is all fiction. No hate towards anyone. Things may be a little different.

Joel's POV

It is currently August 1. One more month and I'll be entering college. This whole summer I've done nothing but , prepare. I want to be successful at what I do in the future. It was currently 5pm. I was laying in my bed catching up on some shows on Netflix. That's when I heard the doorbell ring. Who could it be? None of my friends have texted me and my mom went out. I go downstairs and open the door. I open the door to see these 5 idiots smiling widely at me. These 5 idiots are my best friends. Johann , Richard , Erick, Zabdiel , and Christopher. I moved aside so they can come in.

" Not that I don't want you guys here but , why are you here ?" I asked.

" Well we are going out and we decided to come get you as well so get dressed." Johann stated

" Where?" I asked

" Loco stop with all the questions just a chill night out. Now go and get dressed." Richard answered.

I raised my hands up in surrender " alright alright give me some time though." I said running up the stairs.

" no te tardes tengo hambre !" Shouted Christopher

* sometime later *

After we left my house we decided to eat since Christopher wouldn't stop whining. Now we are really heading to our real destination. I feel a bit nervous and I don't know way. As they said it's just a guys night out. We must be going bowling or to the movies. But, the moment the car came to a halt and I looked out the window, I had realized my predictions were wrong. Right in front of us stood this large mansion. I knew what this meant.

" You guys brought me to a party ?!" I exclaimed

" hey if we told you we know you wouldn't have came." Johann said

" your right I wouldn't have ." Hey look I'm just not the party type.

" Well your here now let's go have some fun!"
exclaimed Christopher as we began to get out the car.

" vamos a disfrutarlo." Erick said placing his hand on my shoulder.

I took a deep breath as we walked in of course the door was opened. We greeted by the loud music. There was people everywhere. They were dancing , talking , drinking , and drunk.

" who even invited us?" I asked zabdiel who was next to me.

" some guy from our college sent it around." He stated.

Yes we are all going to the same college. Well University,The University of Miami to be exact. I went with the flow and stayed close to my friends as possible. We went to the kitchen and grabbed some drinks. They all got some heavy alcohol, except for me. I'll settle with some beer. Surprisingly, it's the only thing I can handle and don't mind.

Some time went by and I was still in the same spot in the kitchen.

" bro ?" Richard came up to me laughing

" what?"

" Let loose a bit. Maybe you'll meet your first girlfriend , your first love. There are plenty of pretty girls here."

" nope I'm fine right here."Without no warning he pushed me into a huge crowd.

" Richard no !" I shouted but , it was too late. Plus I had bumped into someone.

" Uh look I'm so sorry , my friend he's something else." I said to the girl who's back was facing me. She turned around and giggled.

" it's fine don't worry about it." She replied. But, in that moment I got lost into her beautiful eyes. They were so light and beautiful. She was wearing a tight black dress, some heels, and red lipstick. She had a red cup in her hand which most likely contained alcohol. She looked sexy but, not over the top if you know what I mean. She was beautiful to say the least.

" uh hello what's your name ?" She laughed. Dammit she must've caught me staring. Nice going Joel. She must think your a creep.

" I'm Joel ...Joel Pimentel." I spoke

" I mean since you said your full name I'll say mine. Emilia ... Emilia Mernes." She said mocking me.

The first chapter came sooner than I had planned. What do you guys think so far? :)

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