Chapter 10

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* Quick Change* The boys live together now.

Joel's POV

I'm currently dancing with Emilia and at this point. She's had to much to drink I think.The things she was saying weren't right.

" Joel quédate conmigo ?" She giggled into my ear.

" No puedo ." I said laughing. This girl is drunk. Luckily people are starting to leave.

" Pleaseee sleep here ." She whined and was now trying to hold on to me.

" why ?" I asked. I was now curious.

" because I like you silly ." She laughed.  I couldn't believe the words the escaped her lips. Joel relax bro you know she's drunk and has no control over what she's saying. But , what if it's true. Yea , okay. 

" Emilia please your drunk." I said trying to get her up from leaning on me.

" Yo bro we out ." Richard said standing along with the other guys.

In that moment Emilia fell onto the floor. The boys looked at her then at me. I can't just leave her on the floor.

" Eh, I'll be out in ten start the car." I said.  They all looked at me but , didn't question a single thing. I picked up Emilia and made my way up to her room. I laid her in her bed and pulled the covers over her. I brushed her hair out of her face and chuckled " someone had an incredibly fun night." 

I then went back downstairs and got aspirin. I went into her fridge and pulled out a bottle of water. Before going back up to her room I left Ana a note explaining Emilia's condition and how she may wake up in the morning to look out for her. I went back upstairs and left Emilia a note as well with the water bottle and aspirin. I turned off the lights and made my way out.

" Aw someone's in love ." Erick teased. I smacked his arm. " shut up ."

But honestly , was I ?

The next morning.
Emilia's POV

I went to sit up and instantly grabbed my head. It was POUNDING! I just laid right back down. Emilia you need to slow down on the drinking eh. I then touched myself and realized I was still dressed. Well at least noting happened. But , what really did happen ? I looked to my night stand and saw a water bottle , aspirin , and a note. I took the pill first and then opened up the note.

You sure do love to party. No worries nothing happened. You collapsed on the floor and I brought you up to your bed before I left. I left you these I know they'll be useful. I left Ana a note as well. Emilia get some rest today. No more partying for you for a month.
— Joel :)

I smiled instantly. He's the cutest thing ever. I hope I didn't say anything stupid in front of him. I found some strength to get up and take a nice shower. That is what's needed right now. When I get myself together later I'll call him and say thank you. For now I can't stop smiling and I don't know why.

7 #joelpimentel whoo hoo. Thank you so much for reading it means a lot.

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