Chapter 49

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Sabrina's POV

I woke up sneezing and coughing.

" Baby estas bien ?" Erick's asked waking up next to me.

" I'm sick ." I pouted. He pecked my lips.

" Cubano you'll get sick too." I whined.

He kisses me again " no me importa."

" Erick I can't go out with you and your family. Especially Thiago I'll get him sick." I said.

" your right , are you sure with staying here?" He asked.

" The boys be in and out.  Plus Joel is here he can't move." I giggled

" your right." He said kissing me again. This time I depend the kiss

" you make me not want to leave." He said against my lips.

" well you have to get ready." I said pushing him.

* hours later *

The boys aren't here except for Joel. Last time I checked he was playing on his PlayStation. I felt so empty without Erick. We do everything together like a real couple. Right now I'm currently in the kitchen making something to eat. When I heard a loud thud from upstairs.

" Joel?!" I shouted running upstairs.

" in here ." He said " oh and close your eyes."

He gave that warning a little too late. Their laid Joel naked on the bathroom floor.

" Joel!" I shouted covering me eyes.

" yes ?" He asked.

" you know you need assistance what were you doing ?" I asked.

" trying to shower now can you get me up ?" He asked.

I sighed and uncovered my eyes. Nothing I haven't seen before. I began to walk closer towards him. But instead I tripped over the rug and landed somewhat on top of him. Don't worry not on his leg.

I looked up at him. " hey." He said.

Oh how much I missed being this close to him.

" hi." I said

Sabrina your with Cubano.

" so uh ." Joel spoke.

Girl , he's naked.

I snapped out of it and got up. " okay let's get you up. Hold on to me ." I said and positioned myself to get him up. Once I got him up I helped him in the shower.

" Now, let me know when your done and next time wait for one of the guys to be here." I said and he chuckled.

I was walking out of his room and I bumped into someone.

" we have to stop coming across each other like this ." Zabdiel chuckled.

" you're right ." I said

" I was going to check on Joel but , seems like you already did that ." He said

" Yea he just got in the shower ." I said

He stood there staring at me.

" everything okay Zabdi ?" I asked.

" oh uh yea everything is fine . Let me know if he needs help." He said.

" Sabby!" Joel shouted

" There's your cue." I giggled.

Zabdiel went running to Joel's room.

" dime Mi princesa ." He said to Joel. I was in tears.

" Sabby deja de reiste y aluda." Zabdiel said to me.

I walked in and Joel had his underwear on already. I helped with the rest. Zabdiel walked out then and left Joel and I alone.

" Thank you ." Joel said and one swift movement kissed me.

" don't do that .Im with Erick ." I said.

" You love me more than Erick ." He said

I stood shut.

Why did I fall for Joel Pimentel ?

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