Chapter 13

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Sabrina's POV

I was currently getting ready for classes. Joel and I had our presentation today. I'm a little nervous. I was putting on my accessories when my phone went off. " Joel☺️"

Hello ?
Sabby did you leave already?
Nope not yet , why ?
I'll be there in 10.

With that he hung up. I gave myself one last look in the mirror ( image above) and waited for him outside of my house. Soon enough a car pulled up and honked. I smiled and opened the door.

" Heyy." I said all happily as I got in.

" Hola , are you ready for this ?" He asked.

" Nervous, but I'm ready ." I said.

" Me too. Hey , after class want to join the guys and I for lunch or whatever?" He asked.

Wow , he's inviting me to join them.

" I'd love to ." I said.

We finally arrived and as we were walking in we heard " Joel!" We both turned around and there stood Emilia.

" Hi Emilia ." He said smiling. Gosh he likes her so much.

" Hi Joel." She paused and looked at me " Hi Sabrina." She wasn't so pleased.

" Want to hang out ?" She asked Joel.

" Sorry but , I have a presentation and plans with the guys and Sabrina after." He said. I looked at her and smirked. She rolled her eyes at me. Then smiled at Joel.

" Okay some other time then." She hugged him and gave me a look as to get away. This girl must be crazy. It's so sad that Joel truly likes her.

Joel and I were getting ready to present.
" We'll do great ."he whispered . As he began to sing. I stared at him in awe. He's literally perfect.

It was now my turn to sing.

" Oh my god
Where did the time go?
I wished the hours would go slow
How is it 6 AM?
Your touch is heaven-sent
Beautiful, beautiful sight right now
Beautiful, beautiful life right now
Got the angel saying ooh-ah right now like ooh-ah
And this is why we've got to touch (ah)
Sometimes words are not enough (no)
Painted in your golden kiss
Honey dripping from your lips
I thank God and my lucky stars
Darling, don't you know what you are?
Yeah, baby, you are."

I realized Joel was smiling at me while I was singing. Once we were finished everyone cheered.

" we make a great team." We both said at the same time.

Once class was over we met up with all of his friends.  I was the only girl there. I have spoken to his friends before but , I don't truly know them. I guess now I will. We currently made it to shake shack. We first grabbed a table since there was a lot of us.

" Sabby what do you want I'll place your order ?" Joel said to me.

" A cheeseburger with fries." I said while taking out my money.

" I got this ." He said smiling and left.

Soon enough they all came back with trays. We began to dig in. Not only that but , the questions began to fly around.

" Nena , are you single ?" Asked Zabdiel

" yes I am ." They all began to say " oooo".

" Eres Latina , right ?" Erick asked.

" Si , mis Padres son mexicanos y tengo tres hermanos." I answered before they could ask that question.

" Thank you for being Joel's friend. He's so shy and hasn't really ever spoken to girls."Johann said embarrassing Joel. I giggled.

" Hey don't laugh at me and Johann SHUT UP!" He said.

" Aww it's okay Mi Joelito , we all have our moments." I said.

" How's Emilia ?" Asked Richard. I felt Joel's leg move under the table since we were sitting next to each other. He kicked Richard and gave him a look. They both then looked at Christopher. Who seemed to have not been paying attention. I tapped Joel and gave him a look as to say " what is going on ?"

He whispered " I'll tell you later ." I nodded and I quickly changed the topic.

* sometime later*
I was saying my goodbyes to the guys. They are honestly all so sweet and funny. Zabdiel embraced me in a tight hug but , I shrugged it off. They are just so welcoming. Joel offered to drive me back home. I lived on the other side of them.

" So what happened back at shake shack with Christopher?" I asked as soon as we got in the car.

" Christopher and Emilia were messing around. He caught feelings and well she ended whatever was going on with them." He spoke.

Emilia won't ever stop will she.

" Bye Joel thank you , I had a great time."
I smiled at him.

" I did too hermosa ."

If only he meant it in that way.

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