Chapter 58

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Emilia's POV
This is all so confusing. Joel and I love each other but , we can't be together it never works out. Now that we were doing good we feel
So dry around eachother.  There's no love nor affection.

Do you think we'll be better off as friends ?

Sabrina's POV

* on the phone with Erick *

" Mi amor te extraño mucho." - E
" me too. How's everything going ?" - S
" everything is good. The family is good."- E
" let me see Thiago ." - S
" Thiago come."- E

I spoke to Erick and Thiago some more until I heard a female voice call out for Erick. Then the call hung up.  Most likely his sister and Thiago may have hung up. I can't wait to see him.  He comes back tonight.  I then made my way down to the kitchen to make food. I bumped into Zabdiel. He was about to walk away but , I pulled him.

" Zabdi please talk to me." I pleaded.

" there's nothing to say." He said and I still held on to him.

" yes there's a lot actually." I said and he sighed.

" Zabdiel look I never knew you felt this way. I'm so sorry. I've never wanted to hurt you or anyone. I care for you a lot you know.  But, why me ?" I spoke.

" Lo tienes todo.  Your beautiful both inside and out. Any guy would be lucky to have you. When Joel brought you to us I knew I would be in trouble. It was love at first sight." He said.

He's like me since the very beginning.

" but if your happy I'm happy ." He smiled.

Okay there needs to be more Zabdiels.

I then began to ramble about many things and the unexpected happened. He swiftly pulled me closer to him and he crashed his lips on to mind. The kiss was soft and gentle. Yet, you can tell his lips had been craving this.

He pulled away and I was too in shock to move. But , I then turned around and saw Joel standing there with his arms crossed.

" what is wrong with you !" He shouted at Zabdiel.

" Mind your business, you don't even know what fully happened."'Zabdiel spat.

" guys no no." I said but Joel walked closer.

" why do you care.  You never cared for her."
Zabdiel added.

I stood there in shocked and looked over at Joel. That threw him over the edge because all
I saw was his fist colliding with Zabdiel's face. 

" Help help!" I shouted at the two began to fight.

Christopher and Richard quickly came down. 

To many boys liking you isn't a good thing. 

Two more chapters left or should I continue a little more ?

Who do you think called out for Erick ? What will Sabrina do with the boys ?

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