Chapter 41

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Joel's POV

I began to pace around.  What did I just do ?

" Emilia I got to go ." I said and walked out.

I got in my car and drove off to the park.

As soon I made it there I began to walk around and clear out my head.

Joel , your in love with Emilia don't fool yourself.

But, I like Sabrina. I huffed in frustration.

" Hey Joel !" Sabbys siblings walked over to me and greeted me quickly.

If only they knew the damage I've caused to their sister. My eyes got watery. I grabbed some flowers and drove home. I don't know why I got the flowers. I know nothing is going to work. That's it I blew it.

Now you can be with Emilia.

I slammed my horn in frustration. Could my heart stay out of this ? I'd appreciate it a whole lot.

I made it home the boys were all in the living room watching TV and no Sabrina.

" she isn't here , isn't she ?" I asked.

They all stood shut and continued watching the show.

" Where did she go ?" I asked.

They all stood shut. I was about to speak again but, Erick cut me off.

" Why do you care?" He spat.

Yup , their all mad at me. Therefore she was here.

" You didn't seem to care when your lips kissed another." He spat once more.

" Can I explain ?" I asked.

" Nah , no time for excuses." Richard butted in.

" She kissed me!" I raised my voice.

" If only it went like that. You kissed back." Christopher shrugged.

" Oh and I know those flowers aren't for her." Zabdiel added.

They really are so protective over her.

"Well actually they are for her ." I said back.

" She won't want them ." Erick said

I huffed and walked upstairs to her room. I opened the door and turned on the light. The boys followed me. There was not a single thing left in here.

She's gone.

I pulled out my phone and began to call her. She didn't pick up the first time. The second time I know she declined it.

" she's not going to pick up. She doesn't want to talk to you ." Richard said.

"You messed up bro ." Christopher said.

Erick's phone then began ringing.

" is it her ?" I asked.

"Princesa everything okay ?" He spoke through the phone.

So it is her.

" Erick I can't. Nothing is okay ." I heard her cry on the other end.

" I'm coming over ." Erick said and hung up.

" me too !" I said. Till I felt someone pulling my shirt.

" nah you stay here." Richard said.

" no I'm going !" I followed Erick out the door.

* Sabrina's house *

Erick and I both walked up to the door at the same time and knocked.  Sabrina's mom opened the door with a big smile until she saw me.

"Joel Hijo I'm sorry you can't come in ."

Joel really messed up.  Do you think he'll get the chance to talk to her ?

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