Chapter 59

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Joel's POV

Richard and Christopher began to separate Zabdiel and I.  I only left him with a cut on his lip. I have a bruise on my face. Zabdiel of course hits harder than I do. Sabrina stood there in shock.

" what was going on ?" Christopher asked me and Zabdiel.

" nothing." I muttered

" Joel doesn't know how to mind his business." Zabdiel said and walked away. Richard and Christopher did the same.

"What was that ?" Sabrina asked

" I got angry ." I responded

" Why?" She asked

" I told you what I feel. Seeing him kiss you and then it not being Erick. It drove me over the edge." I confessed.

" sh lower your tone. Second , Joel you don't even like me. Your in love with Emilia. Why don't you get it." She said

" But , here and I can never work out don't you see."   Joel where are you going with this.

" I love Erick." She said

" After this tell me if you truly love Erick." I said and kissed her.

We pulled away and her eyes were watery but, what came next surprised me.

" I love Erick ." She said as a tear rolled down her face.

Sabrina's POV

What did I just say ? Oh yea , the right thing. No doubt I still have a thing for Joel. But, Erick over powered him and besides Joel truly loves Emilia. I don't know what's going on with him.  I said the right thing even though it hurt.

Joel's POV

" don't say that." I said to her

" You still love me." I added.

" but , I can't I must fully move on ." She said

I nodded and understood. Plus , I can't hurt my brother Erick like that.

Erick's POV

* later that night *

I arrived home and went straight to my room. I missed my girl. I just wanted to see her. I walked in and heard the water running. Her beautiful voice filled up my room. I locked the door to my room. I took off my shoes and all of my clothing. I swiftly opened the shower door and got in behind her. She was too busy singing and washing her hair she didn't notice. The shower is pretty big so she as well didn't feel my presence.

" you know you sing beautifully ." I whispered and she jumped. I laughed.

" don't do that ." She said pushing my shoulder. She then turned around.

" I'm sorry Mi amor don't be like that." I said and she still had her back towards me. I turned her around and placed my hand on her bare sides. I then crashed my lips onto hers. We kissed underneath the shower. My lips moved down to her neck. I needed her more than ever.

" E-Erick" she moaned.

" yes baby." I said and looked up at her.

She gave me a look and that look drove me insane. I turned her around and wasted no time....

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