Chapter 21

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Sabrina's POV

I woke up to Joel's phone ringing. It was Emilia. I just got up and left. I don't need to hear their conversation. I made my way to the kitchen. 

" Buenos Dias!" I yelled expected them to all be in there. To my surprise only Zabdiel was there. He chuckled.

" Buenos Dias Nena ."

" you cook?" I said with a smirk.

" I do ." He answered type shyly.

" It better taste good." I said to him.

I then felt someone slightly jump on my back. Este cubano I swear.

" Good morning!" Erick yelled in my ear. I tried to hold him up as much as I can. But , I'm too tiny.

" Erick get off my back." I groaned. Christopher stood there laughing.

" So what are the plans ?" Richard asked. 

" Lets be active ." Joel walked in finally joining us. How can someone wake up looking so beautiful.

" We can jog near the beach." Suggested Erick.

" sounds perfect." I added.

We soon enough made it to the beach area and began our jog. Erick , Joel , and I decided to race. I ended up winning.

" Damn mama , you tiny but , fast ." Joel said trying to catch his breath. I felt my cheeks turn red. Only Erick seemed to have noticed.

"Woahh look at her !" Richard exclaimed staring at some hot girl. All the other boys joined him. Except for Zabdiel.

" Zabdiel can you take a picture of me.  Since these fools are drooling over some random girl ." I said.

" Of course , I don't see why.  We are already with the prettiest girl here." He said so smoothly complimenting me.

" Aw thank you."' I said as I sat on some random car and posed. I decided to post one of them.

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Itssabbybabyy: glowing or is it sweat ?


Erickbriancolon : Mi mejor amiga esta 🔥
Zabdieldejesus: where are my credits
Richardcamacho: Damn ma !

The boys then all started talking about it.

" you look so good in this !" Exclaimed Christopher.

" Thank you ." I laughed.

" What are you all talking about ?" Joel asked.
Christopher showed him his phone.

" fire fire !" Joel exclaimed. I smiled at him. Oh how much I want to hug and kiss you.

Well then continued with our jog. I felt my phone go off on my pocket. Again it was an unknown number.

I can't help but get nervous around you.

"Erick look." I whispered showing Erick my phone.

" I have no clue but , whoever it is is crushing on you ." He smirked.

" no duh." I said rolling my eyes. It's cute yet creepy.  A part of me is hoping it's Joel. Sabrina snap out of it he has a girlfriend.

Yes unfortunately it isn't me.

" Did you say something ?" Joel chuckled. Shoot I was thinking out loud.

"No , you must be going crazy ." I said letting out a laugh.

" I think I am ." He said.

After some time i was starting to feel hungry. So did Christopher.  Although , when isn't he hungry.

" Tengo hambre." He whined grabbing onto Zabdiel's  arm. I mimicked his actions and grabbed on to Joel's.

" me too , I'm starvinggg." I dragged out.

"Alright damn , lets go to the pizzeria." Richard said. Christopher and I clapped like little kids.

The moment we walked in I instantly wanted to walk out. There stood Emilia's group of friends. I hated them so much. The boys don't know who they are.

" Well look who we have here ." One of the guys said.

" No fair , how can she be doing better than me? Wow , five boyfriends . What do you guys see in her ?" Victoria Emilia best friend stated.

" Don't talk about her like that ." Christopher spat.

" She has all the qualities you don't. Plus , she isn't hoping from bed to bed ." Joel spat as well.

" aww look they are defending her. How cute ." Another guy said.

" You don't know a single thing about her. Whatever you know is false. So I suggest you keep your mouth shut before you regret it." Erick said.

" Come on let's get out of here ." Joel said taking my hand in his. I was taken back my his actions but , didn't pull away. He's just caught up in the moment. How could he not see how perfect our hands fit together.

Right when I said that he pulled away. His phone went off. He was receiving a call. " Mi amor." Popped up on the screen I went on the opposite side so she wouldn't see me.

" Hola baby." Her voice popped up. He smiled and waved.

" Where are you ?" She asked.

" I'm out with the boys a-" He was about to say my name but , i shook my head no. The guys popped in and said hi. 

" Hi Chicos." She said. Erick then rolled his eyes. I held in my laugh.

" Emilia what's that on your neck ?" Joel asked. She then seemed nervous.

" A bug bite." She said.  Such a damn liar I said clenching my fist and Joel believed the lie.

" Sabby please relax." Erick whispered placing both his hands on my arms. I took a deep breathe in and out.

She doesn't deserve Joel.

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