Chapter 28

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Joel's POV
Still Feb 28.

I made it earlier to Emilia's house so we could have more time together. The door to her house was open. I walked in " Emilia." I shouted and got no response. All I heard was my echo.

I suddenly heard a light thud come from upstairs followed by a moan. No , this can't be happening. This can't be the right house. I got the courage and walked in through the door.

There she was having sex with a guy. I didn't even want to see his face.

" I knew you wouldn't change." I spat and walked out.

"Joel!" She calles out. I heard her coming after me. I kept walking till I made it to the front door.

" Joel I truly do like you ." She said wrapped in her blanket.

I chuckled " Emilia Demuéstrame."

And with that I walked to my car and headed home.

* At home*

By the time I walked in the tears were rolling down. I needed Sabrina right now.  They weren't upstairs nor downstairs. I went to the basement and there they all were. Their smiles faded away when they saw me.

" Bro what happened" Richard asked.

" I want to talk to Sabby alone." I said tears still coming down.

They all stood there.

I yelled.

They were all frightened by my sudden outburst but left quickly. 

" Joel what's wrong ?" She asked.

I laid my head on her lap and cried my eyes out. She ran her hands through my hair.

" shhh shhh it's okay. Aww Joelito it's your birthday I don't want you sad." She whispered trying to calm me down.

I cried some more. I then looked up at her. She wiped my tears with her thumbs.

" Can you please tell me what happened?" She asked. She was worried, I could see it in her eyes.

" So you know i was going to Emilia's after I left you guys. I made it to her house and caught her cheating." I spoke.

Her facial expression changed. She was angry.

" She was having sex with another guy." I finished.

" That girl." She said annoyed and angry.

" you warned me ." I sighed.

" She will never change will she." She said getting up and pacing around the room.

" Sabby it's okay ." I said getting up after her.

" No it's not ! Your such an amazing guy. She didn't deserve you. Joel your worth so much. How could she !" She shouted.

I grabbed her " Hey hey relax ." I said looking at her straight in the eyes.

" Joel you deserve someone who actually cares for you and loves you." She said looking at me straight into the eyes.

What she did next was unexpected.

I felt her soft lips on mine.

They kissed !! How are you guys feeling right now ??

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