Chapter 56

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Sabrina's POV

" Sabby. Sabby." Yocelyn waved her hand in front of my face.

" que te pasa ? Tu esta como ida ." Emilia said.

" what happened last night ?" Nicole asked.

I sighed " last night I was talking to Zabdiel and - ."

" he told you he's in love with you , right ?" Emilia asked

" wait , how - ." I began to say

" how did we know ? Well everyone knows except for you and Erick." Yocelyn said and Nicole nodded.

" I just can't believe it." I said

" Are you going to tell Erick ?" Nicole asked.

" should I ?" I asked.

" he must know the truth.  Although he could end up mad." Emilia said.

I sighed.  What do I do ?

* sometime later *

" Mi amor todo bien ?" Erick asked furrowing his eyebrows.

He knows me so well.

" yea I'm good." I said smiling and pecking his lips.

We are currently gathering up bicycles that they have here at the camp sight.

" y Zabdiel ? No viene ?" Erick asked

" Sabby go get him ." Christopher said

" I got it." Joel then said looking my way.

What was that about ?

Soon enough Joel came back with a not so happy Zabdiel. I can't help but think it's all my fault.  Our eyes met but he quickly looked away.  We got on our bikes and left.

We finally came to a stop and we all got off.

" baby for real what's wrong ? Your mind is else where." Erick asked concerned.

" Zabdiel is in love with me." I blurted out.

" what?" Erick asked

" he has been since Joel introduced me to you guys." I said

Erick looked calm yet mad. Weird mix , I know.

" you're mine." He said pulling me into him.

" si mi amor don't worry. Yo te quiero." I smiled up at him. He looked right back at me with those beautiful green eyes.

How did I get so lucky to have him ?

What should happen next ? I need some drama ... HELP

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