Chapter 15

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Joel's POV

Days later

I literally spend every moment with Emilia. I'm so attached to her.  I guess this is what it's like to be in a relationship. We've decided to not make it known to the public just yet. Only our close close friends will know. In which my friends don't know a single thing. I can only picture their reactions. As for Christopher , he can't know. I don't want to make him sad.

I made it to class. Wow , I just realized I've barely spoken to Sabrina. I've been so caught up with Emilia.  I walked in and there she was writing away in a notebook.

" Hey !" I said all cheerfully. I can't contain my happiness. 

" Oh look who decided to appear again ." She said smiling.

My phone buzzed and I answered quickly. 

"'Oooo who are you texting ?" She said smirking.

I sat down I had to tell her.

" Sabby I have to tell you something."'I said.

" Joel you know you can tell me anything." She said looking into my eyes.

" Emilia is my girlfriend." I said.

Sabrina's POV
I swear my heart just shattered

Joel's POV
She took a long pause. I couldn't read her facial expression. She then sighed.

" Joel I don't want you getting hurt ." She said.

" I won't I'll be careful. But , let's change the topic." I said and she nodded.

My closest girlfriend doesn't like my actual girlfriend. Well they don't like each other. Sigh.


" Wow Joel it's nice of you to join us ." Said Richard.

" yea bro what's been keeping you so busy?" Asked Johann. 

Right as I was about to speak. Christopher walked in with a girl. Well I guess since I'm always out. I've missed minor details.

" Joel esta es mi amiga  Nicole."'he said and I waved.   Well i guess I can confess now.

" Guys Emilia is my girlfriend ." I said quickly.

" AYE THATS MY BEST FRIEND!" Johann yelled.

" THATS MY JOEL!" Shouted Erick. ( if you know why I wrote this comment).

All i was waiting for was Christopher's reaction  

" It was time bro ." He said and patted my shoulder. I felt relieved.

Emilia's POV

" Mmm Juan this isn't right tengo novio. " I said. 

" Shhh he won't ever know ." He said breathless.

Well Joel and Emilia are official. My heart shattered for Sabrina. But , there's a lot to come. Seems like Emilia won't change.

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