Chapter 36

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Days later

Emilia's POV

" Ana I'll be back I'm going out with Joel ."
I stated heading towards the door.

She raises her brow at me.

" bueno cuídate." She says. 

I walk out and I get startled. I see Joel waiting for outside of his car.

" I thought we were suppose to meet each other?" I ask

" well a little change of plans." He days and flashes a smile.

Oh , how much I missed that beautiful smile. 

" omg let's rent some scooters!" I squealed as we made it out of the car.

"Lets go for it ." He said.

" I'll race you to the end." I said

" your on 3 , 2 ." He began to count.

" 1 ." I giggled and I took off.

Joel ended up winning.

" You owe me something." He stated

" blah blah ." I said rolling my eyes.

We made it to this beautiful park.  Well more like a garden. It had these beautiful flowers.   We took a seat on one of the benches.

" How's it going ?" I asked breaking the silence.

" good , she doesn't even know I'm with you right now ." He sighed " I hate keeping stuff from her."

" I'm sorry ." I said

" no it's not your fault." He said. " But , how you've been ?" He then asked  

" I've been focusing on myself. I haven't been to a single party this whole spring break and it's practically over." I stated proudly with the accomplishments I've made.

His words till this day replay in my head. So , I'm going to show him I can change.

"Wow , you've made progress." He said.

" Joel you told me to prove it to you. That's what I'm doing." I said

" Even though you change that won't do anything. I'm with Sabrina. I'm not going to hurt her.  I like her." He said to me.

Does he truly like her ? He fell for her ?

" I understand." I said flashing a fake smile.

He's mine since the day we met at my party.

Well Emilia , no one told you to screw it up.

" How were you even able to meet up with me ?" I asked.

" i lied ." He said so guilty. Joel is the sweetest guy ever.

" Bad boy Joel. Telling lies or whatever ." I giggled.

He pushed my shoulder " shut up."

He then looked into my eyes. Our eyes locked.  Oh , how much I want to kiss you. Just then my phone went off.

Ugh , who's ruing the moment.

New text from Juan

Juan : Baby hurry back , I need you.

And I need Joel.

Don't come at me for this chapter.  But , look at Joel telling lies. Will he get caught ? What do you think will happen ?

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