Chapter 64

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July 19

Joel's POV

" Goodmorning sunshine." I said to Emilia.

" Goodmorning ." She smiled.

She's been sleeping over for the past couple of days. She says she can't miss the day her best friend goes to the hospital. Which honestly , it's any day now. We're all so excited. The nursery is set. There's going to be another boy in the house. I can't wait to meet him , hear what his name will be , and who will be the godparents.

" what are you smiling about ?" Emilia asked.

" we have a new addition arriving and it's going to be amazing." I said

" you're right ." She smiled as well.

Sabrina's POV

My belly is so big. I can't even see my feet. I don't walk normally anymore I waddle. Erick at first would make fun of me. But , it was all love. He thought it was adorable. He's been such an amazing help throughout this pregnancy. I'm glad he's the father of my child. I told him what Zabdiel told me. Erick and I are always honest with each other. Well both felt sad that he has these feelings so strong. One day he'll move on. Maybe he won't get over me but , he'll be happy. Zabdiel is really sweet and just a great guy. Anyone would be lucky to have him.

" How's my boy doing. You know papi is waiting for you." Erick said kissing my belly.

" El te ama con todo su corazón. Dale pronto te quiero conocer." He said now rubbing it.

I smiled at the sight. I can't wait to meet my baby boy either. Any day now we should have him in our arms.

* hours later *

" Erick Erick !" I shouted and breathed at the same time.

" what what ?!" He said running in.

" my water broke." I said

" EMILIA !! ITS TIME!" Erick said and she came running in.

Erick and Emilia helped me walk down. Meanwhile, Joel got the bag I packed.

" ahhh" I groaned

" breathe Sabby breathe." I heard Emilia say.

* hours later *

It's currently July 20 1:30 am.

" are you ready for this ?" Erick asked me and I nodded.

" I'm right here." He said squeezing my hand.

" 1 2 3 push." The doctor said and I did as told.

" good good. Give me another one." The doctor said and I went as strong as I can.

Within minutes we heard crying. Erick and I began to cry as well.

" he's beautiful." Erick said in awe.

" I can already tell he's going to have your beautiful green eyes." I giggled.

Soon enough everyone came barging in.

I smiled at Erick.

" Guys meet Ezekiel Brian Colon." He said and they awed at the name.

The letter E just like his father.

I'm crying because I love the name. I think it's so cute. But, finally the baby is born. What do you guys think about the name ??

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