Chapter 32

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Emilia's POV

Do I really like Joel ? I still continue to ask myself.  Yes you do.  Is he worth changing my ways.  Emilia I think it's time you actually begin to change. 

I was currently in school in the hall way with my group of friends.  They were talking about some party that was happening tomorrow night. I had no interest I wasn't paying attention. Then in walked in Joel and Sabrina. But , they were holding hands.  WHAT?!  I remove my glasses to make sure I was correct.  He pecked her lips and all before they went their separate ways. I stared her down.
Joel is mine !  Anger took over me and I walked up to her.

" um hey." I said tapping her shoulder.

" oh hi Emilia." She said smiling.

"Cut it out. What are you doing with my mans?" I spat.

" You mean my boyfriend now. I'm treating him the way he deserves to be treated.  Unlike you.  Your loss Emilia. You cheated on him.  What that's what you do with every guy you hurt them." She spoke. I was fuming.

" Joel didn't deserve that. He's an amazing guy. Now that he's happy you want to come in an interferir. But, sorry your time is up. He's mine now." She said.

" that's it ." I said and pulled her hair.

" let go." She said grabbing my wrist.

We began to go at it and hit each other.

"FIGHT!" Someone yelled and a crowd came.

She scratched and punched me in the nose. I ended up leaving a cut on her lip with a bruise.  I know that for sure. I stumbled as I tried to get up. I looked up and saw Joel running over to us along with the guys. He picked her up and glared at me.

Emilia what were you thinking ? Now he hates you even more.

" What kind of person are you. She at one point was your only friend." Erick spat at me. He as well attending Sabrina.

Meanwhile I had no one checking up on me. He's right , Sabrina was my one and only.  How could I.  I have a lot to sort out but , I will  fight for Joel. 

This chapter was like filler.

What should happen next?

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