Chapter 30

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Joel's POV

" Let's go on a picnic !" I exclaimed excitedly.

" with the boys?" She asked. She really doesn't want to be without them or mow she's nervous to be alone with me.

" no just us two." I said waiting for her answer.

" sure , let me just get ready." She said and I ran to the kitchen to prepare.

" Damn brother slow down ." Richard said.

" what's the rush ?" Zabdiel asked.

" I'm going on a picnic with my bestie ." I said.

" yea my bestie." Erick said rolling his eyes.

" don't start." I said to him.

Sabrina then came down.

" Hey guys." She said whole hugging Erick. Jealousy ran through me. Let me be honest , I really likes Emilia. What I felt for her covered up what i was feeling for Sabrina.

" who goes to the park looking that good?" Zabdiel then said and she giggled

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" who goes to the park looking that good?" Zabdiel then said and she giggled.

" Thanks bro ." She said.

" Bueno let's get going." I said taking her away from the rest of them.

* At the park *

" We have much to talk about." I said.

" I agree." She nodded.

" first tomorrow is your birthday." I said and she smiled.

" But, the guys and I have that covered." I smirked and she gave a confused look.

" Second you must move in ." I said.

" I will it's just we weren't talking and I didn't want it to be weird." She said and I nodded understanding.

" and lastly , the kiss." We both said the last part at the same time.

" Joelito I don't know if you've notice but , your the guy I like." She spoke truthfully.

" But, you were with Emilia and you like her." She sighed.

" Yes I like Emilia but, I realized i also liked you. There were plenty of times where I got jealous of the guys." I pointed out to her.

"What will we do. I don't want to feel used."
She said

" Sabby, I actually like you. Let's give us a try." I said and she nodded.

" Okay lets give us a try." She said softly. I began to lean in till our lips connected.

" I can get used to this." I said and she smacked my arm.

Let's see how this goes.

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