Chapter 35

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Let's take a moment to look at Zabdiel!

Zabdiel's POV

So now I know you guys are all wondering how I managed to save Sabrina. Well , I heard when she shouted that she would be walking out since our rooms are close. No, I'm not a creep. But, she shouldn't walk alone in the dark at night. Especially where we are. Thankfully I was watching because I saved her.

It all happened so quickly that I kept her with me on my lap. She didn't even bother to get up. It felt so right. In my arms is where she belongs.

* next morning *

Today we're going sightseeing since it's our last day. We will be able to buy souvenirs as well. Joel didn't come along because he isn't feeling well. You'd think I have more chances of getting closer to her but, then there Erick. I see the way he looks at her. He looks at her the exact same way I look at her. I know he likes her and if he ever says he doesn't he's lying.

" Zabdi ." She calls out.

Her calling me that is my new favorite thing.

" Can you please take a picture of Cubano and I?" She asked and I nodded.

After I took their pictures she asked if we could take one.

" s-sure." I stuttered.

Zabdiel get it together man.

She then began to walk next to me as Erick was now more ahead. 

" For real thank you for yesterday. I don't know how to ever repay you." She spoke.

Just open your eyes and realize.

" Don't mention it ." I smiled.

" So tell me Zabdiel do you have a girlfriend or anything? Your always so quiet. You can talk to me you know." She smiled up at me.

Her height compared to mine is the cutest thing ever.

What do I say ?

" No , no girlfriend . Just me , myself , and I."
I try to answer causally.

" don't worry she'll come your way." She assures me.

But , she's right in front of me.

Just as we're talking in comes Erick. No Erick why now.

He places her on her back and takes off. She's so into Joel she doesn't even notice that Erick likes her.  My feelings are something I hope she never finds out about.

Sabrina's POV

Next text message

I fall for you more and more everyday.  And the more and more the chances of you becoming mine disappear. 

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