Chapter 48

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Joel's POV

I began to move.

" look he's moving ." I heard someone whisper

I slowly began to open my eyes. It was all so bright I shut them again quickly. I then opened them again and saw these four fools staring at my every move.

" Why are you guys in here and why does it look like you've guys never seen someone wake up before ." I said trying to get up.

" wait wait careful bro !" Richard exclaimed. I groaned in pain and looked at my leg.  It all came back to me.

" I was in a car accident right ?" I asked and they all nodded.

" let me go tell the doctor ?" Zabdiel said.

I looked to my side and saw an extra pillow and blanket along with a back pack.

" who slept there?" I asked.

" Sabrina did she stayed with you all night." Christopher said.

Wait , Sabrina stayed with me ?

" Well, where is she now ? Where's Erick ?" I asked.

" Damn you sure ask a lot of questions. Erick took her to get breakfast." Richard replied.

Well I'm a tad confused so I can ask questions. I'm just glad they aren't asking me any.

* half an hour later*

I needed to use the bathroom so they placed me in a wheel chair. All you heard was Christopher's laugh. Who let him push me? He was pushing me extremely fast.

" Christopher shhhh slow down ." I said.

We made it back to my room and there she was.

" there he is!" Erick exclaimed

" hey bro." I smiled.

" Joel how are you feeling." She quickly asked with her iced coffee in hand.

" I'm doing okay just have to recover. Thank you for um staying with me." I looked up my eyes meeting hers.

" your welcome." She said.

" Joel Pimentel ?" A nurse walked in.

" that's me ." I responded.

" we will run some test and examine your leg. Then in a hour or so you'll be able to leave."
She said.

" thank you ." I smiled.

I decided to share a picture on snap.

Caption : hospitals suck 🥴

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Caption : hospitals suck 🥴

People from university started asking questions and wishing me a fast recovery.

I then received a text from Emilia.

Joel I'm sorry for it all but , I can't do this. Especially now that your hurt. I have to maintain my image.

I showed everyone the message.  Why did I fall for her ??

* hours later*

" Easy easy ." Sabrina said settling me in my bed.   She was about to walk out but I stopped her.

" Sabrina , can we talk ?" I asked. She stood still.

" Look I'm sorry for it all. I know it's too late. I know you hate me. Why are you helping me I don't deserve it ." I stated.

"Joel If I hated you I wouldn't be here ." She said smiling and walked out.

Emilia doesn't deserve me and I don't deserve Sabrina.

Joel is clearly caught in between. Sabrina clearly still cares. Do you think she already fell for Erick ?

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