Chapter 57

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Joel's POV

Days later

I don't know what's wrong with me. When I'm with Emilia it doesn't feel the same. I don't feel sparks I used to feel. We've even tried to take things a little further but , I always stop and leave her hanging. She doesn't seem annoyed but , I know she is. I don't know what's happening. Joel you maybe don't have feelings for her.  Nonsense I love Emilia since the day i saw her. Yea , keep thinking that.  We've taken some time apart now. We both agreed that space is what's needed right now.

" Hey Joelito!" Sabby said cheerfully walking into my room.

I instantly smiled all my worries disappeared.

" what are you up to today?" I asked.

" nothing really Erick went out with an old friend and I wanted to give them space." She said and smiled at the thought of Erick.

That used to be for me.

" how about we hang out like old times ?" I asked.

"Sure , I'll go get ready." She said and went off to her room.

* sometime later *

" This was our favorite place." She said

I brought her to her favorite ice cream place . One day she introduced it to me and I as well became obsessed with their ice cream. So we said it was our place. It brought back many good memories. We began to talk and laugh. We haven't had alone time in awhile I missed it.

No Joel you just really miss her.

" so how are you and my other bestie ?" She asked wiggling her eyebrows.

" we're giving each other space things just haven't felt the same." I said

" what do you mean?" She asked.

" I know that - ." I began to say but got distracted when I saw Emilia walk in with that Juan guy.

" really Emilia ?" I asked walking up to her. Her expression changed.

" I don't think this is the time for us ." I said and went to sit back down. They didn't bother to order, they just left.

" Joel I'm so sorry but , what were you saying." She said.

" I was saying that ... I still feel something towards you." I said

"No Joel you love Emilia and I love Erick." She said

" But really who has your heart ?" I asked

She looked away.

"Emilia is my best friend and I just can't." She spoke softly.

Why must feelings be so confusing.

" I have Erick , Zabdiel , and you on me." She said

" someone's killing the game." I smirked

" shut up ." She roller her eyes yet laughed.

I feel something towards her and that is why I can't be fully normal with Emilia.

This was sort of messy idk. But , you won't believe what's going to happen next.

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