Chapter 6

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Joel's POV

I'm currently at school watching the show in front of me,Emilia and Christopher. I mean it isn't truly wrong because she was never my girlfriend just a friend. Yea but, you like her my brain kept shouting. I pushed it aside. Once I decided that I had enough of their PDA I made my way to class.
  Class had officially started and I couldn't pay attention.

" Joel , Joel Pimentel !" Sabrina shouted in my face.

" huh what ?" I said confused.

"Que te pasa ? Your out of focused."she states. She's really gotten to know me. We as well text. She's an amazing friend. Like an actual

I sighed " I guess I should tell you everything."

" yes, I have plenty of time ." She stated looking and her imaginary wrist watch. I chuckled.

" So to sum it up for you. I'm friends with Emilia and I guess I'm catching feelings I don't know." I said to Sabrina. Her jaw dropped.

" Emilia ? As in Emilia Mernes?" She asked

" Yes , is something wrong ?"

" Joel haven't you heard about her ?"

" no whats wrong?"

" Joel she literally sleeps with every guy !" Sabrina shouted.  Now my jaw dropped.  How can a girl this sweet act this way.

" She literally flirts and throws herself at every guy." Sabrina stated

" Well I guess that explains those two other guys and my friends." I said sighing.

" Joel please just be careful ." Sabrina said to me.

" I will ." I said smiling at her.

After classes we decided to go to Erick's house for some time. We were all talking and fooling around. When I heard all of us laughing I realized this one laugh was missing.

" Where's Christopher ?" I asked. They all looked away.

" Eh um ..."Erick began to say.

" El esta con su" Zabdiel began to speak but, I knew he was about to tell a big lie.

" It's okay you guys can say it. He's with Emilia?" I asked. They all nodded at the same time.

" I mean dude it's evident. That you have something for her. More than just friends." Richard said. 

" Well she has Christopher and the stuff I found out about her today I don't know man ." I said

" What do you mean?" Johann asked. 

" she sleeps with many guys." I said

" Yea that's a no no ." Richard said

" Bueno mi hermano , only time will tell ." Zabdiel said patting my shoulder.

No wonder Emilia has been answering me less and less. She's too busy with her guys and Christopher. I'm still so surprise because she doesn't act that way with me at all. There's clearly more to Emilia and I will figure it out. 

Would you like to see what Emilia's thinking ? Should the next chapter be in her POV ?

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