Chapter 47

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Warning : this is a story. I don't know how any of that stuff in the hospital works so bare with me.

Sabrina's POV

Erick and I were at my house on my bed cuddling and enjoying each other's company. Then Erick's phone went off. He shot right out of my bed.

" what ?!" He shouted making me nervous and with that he hung up.

" Babe what's wrong ?" I asked.

"Joel got into a car accident ." He said.

My heart sunk.

" well let's go." I said getting out of bed not caring about my appearance.

We ran to the car and try to make it to the hospital as soon as possible.

* At the hospital*

I quickly ran in and saw the other guys there. Nicole was also there.

" how is he ?" I asked

" they still haven't said anything yet." Christopher said

" how did you guys find out ?" Erick asked.

" Nicole was passing by in her car and saw it was Joel. She called Chris." Richard explained.

I sat down head in my hands and my leg shaking. Erick quickly came to my side.

" he'll be okay. He's Joel ." He assured me.

" y alguien le dijo a Emilia?" Zabdiel asked

" Yup." Christopher said.

* sometime later*

Joel's mom had arrived as well.

" Joel Pimentel ?" A doctor said and we all
Stood up.

" He's alright. He's unconscious but , he will wake up. He broke a bone in his leg due to the impact. He will be in a wheel chair then crutches." He spoke.

" you can now walk in and see him." He said and we all walked in.

His mom stood on one side and I went to the other.

" I would love to sleep with him he is my son but , I have much to cover. Can one of you stay ?" Joel's mom asked.

" I'll do it ." I said raising my hand. No one bothered to argue with me.

As time went on it was only Erick and I left with Joel.

" Babe are you sure with sleeping here ?" He asked.

" I'll be fine Cubano ." I smiled.

" text me if you need anything. I'll bring you fresh clothes tomorrow." He said and pecked my lips. Then he left as well since visiting hours were up.

I laid on the bed thingy they had next to Joel. I held his hand and stared at him.

"Hi Joel , this past month has been crazy huh. I know we haven't spoken. But , I'm here. I know tomorrow you'll be back. Just wanted you to know I'm not leaving your side. Te quiero Pimentel." I said kissing his hand.

I held on to it and fell asleep.

* next morning *

" Hola Mi Amor ." Erick said walking in with a bag of clothes for me and one for Joel.

" Hey ." I said hugging him tightly.

" get changed and we're going out for breakfast." He said

" what about Joel ?" I asked.

" the others are here too. Don't worry. You've been here all night ." Erick said

" okay let me just shower in his bathroom."

" te espero afuera princesa ." He said kissing my forehead.

" I'll be back Joelito." I said.

Sabrina cares for Joel a lot. What wil Joel say when he wakes up ? Will Emilia ever show up ?

Ps : I already had this chapter ready. I was just giving you guys time to react to the last chapter.

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