Chapter 14

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Joel's POV

I had promised Emilia I would hang out with her so that is what I'm doing today. I got ready and sent her a text message.

Me : I'll be there in a few
Emilia : esta bien.

We're going to the movies. No it's not a date. Well Joel you guys are alone so it type is one. Once I made it to her house she was already outside waiting for me.

I loved her sense of style.

" Hola Joel ." She said as she got in my car.

The drive to the movies wasn't silent we spoke quite a lot. We decided on a scary movie. I paid even though she insisted she could pay for herself.  We made it just on time. The movie was about to begin. 

As we exited the movie we couldn't stop laughing. The movie wasn't scary at all. Everyone seemed to be terrified tho. Our laughter was brought to a halt when we heard.

" Well if it isn't Emilia with a new boy toy ." This guy said with a smirk.

I've never seen him before.  He clearly knew her though.

" Oh so you know Juan,this  is my boyfriend." She spat.

Did she just ?

" Funny, as if you weren't begging for me the other day." The smirk still plastered on his face.

" Your such a liar. More like you were begging for me. I suggest you leave me alone." She spat.

" Come on Joel ." She said taking my hands in hers.  I'm not going to question anything. 

We then made it to her house. I decided to go inside and spend some time since it was still early. Ana was so happy to see me again.

" Hola Joel !" She exclaimed and embraced me in a huge hug. " Hola Ana ." I smiled.

" Emilia hija your parents should be back tomorrow ." She said.

" Really ?!" Emilia squealed. Ana nodded.

Emilia loves her parents more than anything. I've come to learn that. She hates when they're not home. 

" No more parties for you."'I teased. She pushed my shoulder.

" Shut up feo."

" Oh really , if i was feo you wouldn't have called me your boyfriend ." I said smirking.

" About that ." She said laughing nervously. " GOT TO GO." She said taking off running in this huge house of hers. I chased after her and grabbed her by the waist. Joel where was this all coming from ?  She giggled and I couldn't help but , smile. 

We stared into each other's eyes.  Joel do it ! Kiss her !  I began to lean in and so did she. Just like that our lips connected. A nice slow and gentle kiss. The fireworks went off.

" Joel I want to change for you ." She spoke softly against my lips.  So she ended her affairs with Christopher for me.

" Emilia I ." I began to speak but , she cut me off completely

" Joel we can work this out."

In that moment I couldn't say no.

What do you think on Joel and Emilia working things out ? Will she actually change ?

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