Newspaper, Issue #3

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Joe Hanson Column: 

"We have a few stories from various witnesses that we will be sharing in the next few columns. If you have any stories or witness reports to submit, please email me."

Story: Tall Man by Charlie Banks.

"A being with powers and knowledge beyond our own. Yet this being has no personality that differs itself from one another. It's been recorded in history that multiple Tall Men exist. From the ancient times, this creature has removed groups of soldiers all the way to the modern times. Elite government soldiers, as I believe. But why do I believe in a creature that's only been witnessed with human eyes? I've seen it with my own eyes of course! Here is the story of this creature the Internet calls Slender Man."

"On the date of August 3rd, I was at home waiting for my little boy to return from picking berries in the afternoon. It was sunny out with the wind blowing and the clouds racing. My little boys name is Kenny and I love him very much. When I see him walking up the stairs to the porch, his basket is empty. I ask him, "Kenny what's wrong?" He had a sorrow look on his face. He says that he knows how. I ask him what does he mean by that? He only tells me he knows how. I guide him inside as my child pressed his face onto my side. His mother wasn't home, so I just let him sit on the sofa that showed a nice view of the forest where he came from. He says, "Daddy look! He knows how!" So I look out the window and I see it. It stared at me. I couldn't see what this figure was wearing. But it had a tall, slender figure that looked arched against the trees. But I couldn't tell, as I only stared at its promise. The promise that it showed me came from its emotionless gesture. It had no facial features at all. All it had to distinguish itself from anything I have ever seen was that cold stare. Nothing made me more scared in my life. Nothing."

"Now it's the date of August 10th, and my family was with me. I told my wife what me and little Kenny saw, and she believed us. What she thought it was wasn't what it could've been. That may not make sense, but that's all I can make of it. Today I went with my little Kenny to go pick some more berries so his mother could make a pie. Blueberry pie was a treat that little Kenny wanted so badly. Although he was scared to go in the forest, I thought to myself: This is all in our imagination. It couldn't exist. So I told Tommy that it was probably a teenager that came from a town with a sock on his head. That convinced me and Tommy that it wasn't really a monster. But when we were in the woods.. Oh my dear lord. I saw its figure.. standing there waiting for both of us. My God.. Its arms were almost to the ground! It was wearing a suit and it was staring at us. It stared at both of us in those woods."

This data was collected in the story of Charlie Banks. We will be posting more of his research and witness reports from his book in the next issue. 

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