Instant Messaging Pt. 2

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SwaggaKid12: hey dude, i think i've seen it 

ComplexPiggy: Dude, I am not falling for that. -.-

SwaggaKid12: no lie, i'm being serious o.o 

ComplexPiggy: I'm sure you are. >.> 

SwaggaKid12: i've seen this dude following me 

ComplexPiggy: Sure you have. What's he wearing that could scare you? 

SwaggaKid12: he was wearing a black suit

ComplexPiggy: Rofl. Are you trying to play a prank with me? xD

SwaggaKid12: dude, i'm not joking.. i've seen it

ComplexPiggy:  Seriously, I'm not going to believe you. 

ComplexPiggy: Where did you even see this 'dude'

SwaggaKid12: not in my house, but in my backyard

SwaggaKid12: you do know that i live close to the forest

ComplexPiggy: Rofl. You really live close to the forest? 

ComplexPiggy: How do you have good connection?

SwaggaKid12: omg.. dude i see it right now

ComplexPiggy: I think it's just your imagination.

SwaggaKid12: my computer is getting fuzzy

ComplexPiggy: Sure. Lmao. Whatever man!

SwaggaKid12: Has Logged Off  

ComplexPiggy: This is priceless. LOL 

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