Prison of Fear: Journal of Denver Slight P.2

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"They ask me, Denver how do you battle something you can't see? I tell them I battle them just like I would battle a Stalker. I battle these creatures by discovering the knowledge and nature of them. They ask me, Denver can you rescue our children? I can only tell them that they should pray their children crossed the bridge of life. As I write in this journal, I'm waiting for the Prison to return to its home. Apparently, it made home to the cave of a bear. I've only had a short peek inside to notice the mutilated bodies of these animals. The bears fur was simply ripped off its flesh. It's quite interesting, so I shall write in this journal while I wait. Oh my, I believe my device is detecting it." 

"The only time you can see a prison is if it targets your sanity. It will lock you away from any other human beings, no matter the mental strength you possess. I've seen no Stalkers today, sadly. It'd pass the time to see their faceless stare at me. I have seen them before, though. They have no nostrils, they have no mouths, they have no eyes. But it does have the shape of a human face. I do believe that when the Stalker stretches its long arms, the suit stretches with it. The suit is apart of the stalker. It molds its flesh to trick the human eye."

"I've arrived back at the village, and now the Prison has chosen its target. Some call this target a victim, but it is not a victim until it is deceased. Whether it be a human being, or a bear. Now I sit besides the young girl, Tanya. She's had sights of an imaginary friend she calls, Faer. Quite an unusual name for a little girl of six to pronounce. As I write this, they're shouting for my name." 

"They've introduced me to Tanya's room. Her rooms walls were bleeding a blood red. They blood rolled down the walls slowly, covering the room in a crimson atmosphere. The father of this little girl attempted to paint over this bleeding wall- But as he strokes the brush against the wall, it appears to be painting the wall in a darker red. I shall discover more into this matter"

-Denver Slight  

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