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Journal of Jeremy Kade

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Hello Journal of mine that doesn't talk to me. I guess I'll be writing in you for a while.. since my girlfriend is acting weird around other guys. Hmm... What to write about? Well.. I'll tell you about myself Journal. I'm in my third year of High School.. Thank God it's Friday. Lately I've been pretty bored just sitting around after I'm done cramming my homework. I got decent grades this year.. I do enjoy art class these days since they had us start a project with cameras. I've been taking pictures all night.. I must have a big ego because my eyes see the flash all the time. Even when I'm not taking pictures of myself. -Jeremy 

Entry two, It's been two days.. Sorry for forgetting you Journal. I guess I have to tell you that I broke up with her.. She was a bitch anyways. I don't know why I like writing dots... They pass the time I guess. Hey Journal, have you ever had any problems with diaries? Haha, I'm messing with you. I must be pretty insane for writing to a journal like It's alive. Anyways, I'm going to go to sleep.. Tomorrow we're viewing all of the photos I took. Good luck Jeremy.

Hello Jeremy. I'm watching you.  

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