Journal of Jeremy Kade Pt. 2

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Wow.. Who wrote in my journal? Haha. It must've been my little brother Andy. What an annoying ass kid.. Sorry Journal. I forgot to tell you that I'm a little spooked out.. Today we saw this weird dude in a nice suit behind my closet door. I checked my closet door and there was nothing there.. The camera couldn't see his face. But it sure as hell got a nice shot of his suit. If I see that stalker, I'm going to show him that my fist will be his new stalker. It'll be following where his head rolls everytime I punch him! Sorry about that journal. Besides that, I've met one of my old friends.. She's a cutie. Now I'm going to give my brother shit for writing in my journal. -Jeremy 

Let's play hide and seek. I'll count to 12:00am. If I find you, you're It.

Hi again Journal. I see my brother wrote in you again.. It's only been fifteen minutes too. Sheesh.. Anyways, since he wants to play so late.. It's Monday, so if you're going to read this Andy.. I'm kicking your ass if you write in this journal again. I'm being serious too.. Heck, I bet you were the one wearing the suit in the background.. Although how did you make yourself look so tall? -Jeremy  

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