Case 3 (Tape 8 of 22)

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[The following is an investigation of Douglas Lee, A farmer aged 34 from a farm outside of Riverside.] 

Investigator Waters: 

"The date is September 24th, A day after Tony went missing" 

"Now can you tell us what happened when you were looking for your children?"

Douglas Lee:

"My child.. My child is gone and I blame Tommy!" 

"Tommy did something to him.. Don't believe what he says"

Investigator Waters: 

"But how did you know what Tommy was saying?"

Douglas Lee:

"Tommy told me.. Daddy Daddy! It's the Boogeyman"

"The Boogeyman took Tony"

"Come help me find him"

Investigator Waters: 

"What happened next?"

Douglas Lee:

"I went with my son.. I went with him"

"He took me into the forest.. It was so foggy"

"I could only hear Tony giggling"

"It'll haunt me until the day I die"

"Hearing my child giggle.. He was gone"

"Tommy showed me the tree.. I could only see a tongue"

Investigator Waters: 

"Do you know where this tongue is, Mr. Lee?"

Douglas Lee: 

"I made Tommy and Me.. I made us leave"

"That's when we called you"

Investigator Waters: 

"We've found no traces of the tongue, Mr. Lee"

"I hope you don't mind if you stay here for some questioning"

Douglas Lee:

"You keep me away from Tommy.. I'm going to kill him"

[End of Tape]  

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