Newspaper, Issue #2

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Joe Hanson Column: 

"Today I've interviewed a woman named Deborah Redcliff. She tells me that her children were abducted from this creature. If you can provide any information on what happened to her children, she'd appreciate it. Even if it's a location of the bodies, if you are the murderer reading this column. I still don't completely believe in the Slenderman now. I've recieved multiple responses from the locals of Riverside. This column is just to update my status of the investigation, and that I'm asking for your support. Acting childish doesn't help anyone."

 Witness Reports:  

Hello Joe. I'm watching you.  

"Did you forget my name is Slenderman? That's right Joey. And now I'mgonnagetyou. Dumbass." 

"Joe, my name is Charlie Banks. I've seen this creature following me, and I'd like you to post my story in your column. Perhaps it will help anyone that's being followed by Slenderman and how to kill him. That's right Joe, kill him. Although you may believe it's someone playing pranks.. I've read that over 800 people are missing! No man can do that. Believe me Joe, and post my story. I'm going to include it in this email."  

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