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Mysteries From Ghost Town (OUTDATED) by Duckierthanchu
Mysteries From Ghost Town (OUTDATE...by Duckie
The written conversations and quotes from the witnesses of a creature that's involved with countless disappearances. A tall, skinny figure with no face. It wears a dark...
  • town
  • riverside
  • whiterainbow
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Jackalene Tarantula Yardley by PotatisNudlar
Jackalene Tarantula Yardleyby PotatisNudlar
Jack Yardley and I have been frendos for over 30 years now, and he's such a lovely guy. He specialises in being friendly and loving you for who you are xoxoxoxoxo I tru...
  • tarantula
Tarantulas 2 by charleswrites
Tarantulas 2by charleswrites
This is about tarantulas. (Facts, diet, hydration.)
  • insects
  • tarantula
  • arachnids
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Tarantula by DoNotTouchMe2
Tarantulaby DoNotTouchMe2
This action-filled and fiction story is about an Arachnologist (person who studies spiders) who tries to forget her past. That's when she was changed into a new person w...
  • fiction
  • action
  • bestbookever
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Prey of the Tarantula [ON HOLD] by shiahime
Prey of the Tarantula [ON HOLD]by ACCHAN
Alois Trancy best is known for his short shorts and high socks, but there's more to him than his infinite need for affection. Despite being misunderstood by many, he tri...
  • trancy
  • alois
  • prey-of-the-tarantula
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Tarantula by DenyAstronaut
Tarantulaby Denisa Koudelková
Crazy story :DDDDD Have fun! :D
  • 5secondsofsummer
  • ashtonirwin
  • lukehemmings
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Book of Assasins : Tarantulas and Ravens by Joey-Arvanitakis
Book of Assasins : Tarantulas and...by Joana
What if there was a School for Assasins ? What if those Assaisnes werent necessarily bad? What if they are the once protecting us ? Alice and Darren are the best Assasi...
  • international
  • action
  • mysterie
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A different world  by PrincessOfWang
A different world by PrincessOfWang
Hello I'm Ruby and I'm on the way to find my parents. I need to know what happened after my birth and why I'm so different. I know nothing about them, what if they're d...
  • tarantula
  • teen
  • adopted
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I want a trantula by SadnekoX
I want a trantulaby Aoi Susukinki
I have a obsession with trantulas and other spideis.They are so cute and fluffy like a little dog. Warning-If you have arachnophobia, youmay not want to read this becaus...
  • colourful
  • cellar
  • fun
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Battle of the Unidentified Terrestrial Tarantula Zeebras by moon_water_fire
Battle of the Unidentified Terrest...by moon_water_fire
Man kind has discovered something, something horrible. Tarantula Zebras roam on a small island off of Indonesia, threatening the balance of man kind. My organization mus...
  • zebra
  • spies
  • comity
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Tarantulas by charleswrites
Tarantulasby charleswrites
This book is about different types of tarantulas and is about how to care of them.
  • animals
  • tarantula
The spider Calls {Discontinued} by Milo_Sebastian
The spider Calls {Discontinued}by Milo_Sebastian
The spider killer. An evil mastermind who was never caught. And he's returned. 2 years ago the spider killer disappeared of the face of the earth, never to be seen ag...
  • tarantula
  • spidercreature
  • spiderman
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In Place of Chocolates by EricBaron0
In Place of Chocolatesby Eric Baron
  • chocolates
  • love
  • tarantula
Paki vs. Nigga by Roflolmao
Paki vs. Niggaby Roflolmao
WARNING: Very offensive! If you're anti-racist, I strongly advise you to click away. Contains strong language and adult themes. You know those two characters that suppo...
  • paki
  • sachiko
  • cubicles
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Moonlight Protector. by HeavenChild
Moonlight Protector.by HeavenChild
  • evil
  • brady
  • moon
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Viața de travestit by coaiele_nu_se_sug
Viața de travestitby coaiele_nu_se_sug
In care eu mă fut singur:::::)
  • gigek
  • tarantula
The Piranha Pool Party in Hell, Connecticut, by Andre Jute by andrejute
The Piranha Pool Party in Hell, Co...by Andre Jute
My weird pets + the fascist Connecticut police = disaster
  • bonobo
  • piranha
  • fascist
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