Faith, Blood and Roses by makmo57
Faith, Blood and Rosesby Mónika
City of New York... the home of White Rose. Home of the most feared mafia in the USA. Who got the name after his killing habit, he always left behind a white rose, paint...
  • blood
  • rose
  • police
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Tarantula by Asheloise
Tarantulaby Margo Scott
MalexMale content Raven Barrett's life was what you would call normal. That is until tall, dark-haired Derek Guylan decided to claim Raven as his property. Raven was nev...
  • lgbt
  • tarantula
  • romance
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All My Pets by GoofyGooberKali
All My Petsby Fluffy
DIS IS ALL MEH PET DEM SO CUTE and yes I get called crazy alot BUT IM PROUD OF IT
  • cat
  • tarantula
  • rabbit
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