Case 4 (Tape 6 of 10)

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Denver Slight: 
"You've found me on the internet. Interesting."

Julius Martin: 
"Uhh. Yeah. I found you on a paranormal website."
"It said that you were very skilled."

Denver Slight: 
"Ah, yes. I'm very skilled at what I do."
"Oh, and do be cautious.. The Prison knows you're following us."

Julius Martin: 
"Prison? Us?"
"What does it do?"

Denver Slight: 
"Yes, deaf boy. Us. The Prison has been trying to.."
"Let's just say the Prison enjoys human flesh." 

Julius Martin: 
"Oh... [Heavy Breathing]"

Denver Slight: 
"Do you really believe in the Slenderman?"
"Because of the internet? Haha."
"When you really see a Slenderman.."

Julius Martin: 
"I'm going to read your journal."
"Hmm... [Long Pause of Silence]"
"What's this device you have?"
"Does it keep away the Slendermen?"

Denver Slight: 
"Ah, so you are reading my journal."
"Yes, my device that keeps them at bay.."

Julius Martin: 
"That sounds neat." 
"What's your device called?" 

Denver Slight:
"What's my device called?"
"It's called Denver's Light."

Julius Martin:  
"Hey, we're getting close to his house."

Denver Slight: 
"Oh my.. We're recording."
"Clumsy Denver.. I accidently clicked it on."

Julius Martin:  
"What do you need the tape recorder for?"
"And why does it look like it comes from the police?"

Denver Slight:  
"Hmm. The police don't need it anymore."
"Hehe... Nevermind, young boy."
[End of Tape]  

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